S.E.A Aquarium & The Maritime Experiential Museum


Move aside, Underwater World, for the S.E.A Aquarium is here.

It is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across 49 different habitats. With the innovative display galleries featuring shipwrecks, the multitude of exotic fishes and sea creatures, it is no wonder the place has captured the young hearts of my impressionable little siblings.

As the aquarium is located within the Maritime Experiential Museum, we had to walk past exhibitions showcasing the life of traders along the Ancient Maritime Silk Route, the story of pirates who terrorised the seas, and other historical artefacts. Being hyperactive little kids with short attention spans, my siblings simply couldn't wait to zoom past the "boring" exhibits and head straight into the underwater galleries.

Trying to look important, but failing terribly at that. :/

Once we got into the gallery proper, it was a chore reigning in the two of them, who were running everywhere gushing about the colourful fishes, fearsome-looking sharks and gracefully-gliding manta rays.

What enthralled them the most would be the huge aquarium. It was really magical in there. Soothing music, softly flickering lighting, and the occasional imagined whisper as the manta rays glide in the water right in front of you makes it kind of therapeutic. My brother pressed his face against the glass and ogled at the schools of fish that darted across the glass pane. Perhaps his funny faces scared away some poor little fishies.

We then made our way to the touch pool to feel the starfish, sea urchins and baby bamboo sharks. YES, you didn't read wrongly. The aquarium had legit baby bamboo sharks for us to touch (and don't worry, they don't bite!)

The baby shark was really cute and darted through the water super speedily. I've only managed to touch its side briefly. Sneaky slippery little fellow.

AND the mandatory tourist shot, with poor lighting that made me look like a smurf. :(

It would be a lovely place for a date, if not for the crowd, and the steep prices of the tickets.


S.E.A. Aquarium Operating Hours: 10:00AM-07:00PM

Ticket Booths: 09:30AM-07:00PM

Ticket prices:Adults : $38

Kids (4-12) : $28

Senior (above 60) : $28
*Do check RWS's website for online promotions or bundle deals!

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