The Seafood International Market and Restaurant


My family's a sucker for seafood and buffets. As the task of searching for good food places became my responsibility once again, it seemed obvious I would type "Ala Carte Seafood Buffet" in Google's search bar.

The Seafood International Market and Restaurant was among the top few results that popped out, along with Tung Lok (that would be in a later post). Having looked through their prices and menu, it seemed too value-for-money to be true! I was totally itching to go for their All You Can Eat Ala Carte Buffet Lunch! (Note: Their menu changes every once in a while, so what I had then (in Dec 2013) would be different from the current menu.) It is located at East Coast Park, which is not exactly too out-of-the-way.

We made reservations beforehand because we were a rather large group and I was glad we did, for a company was having their staff lunch on that day too. Thank goodness we managed to get a table.
The dishes:
Deep fried sea bass (HK Style)
Crispy, piping-hot, flavourful and the portion was just right!

Curry-flavoured garoupa
The garoupa was tender and there were almost no bones. It would taste better if the curry could be slightly thicker though.

Oven cheese-baked lobster
It was simply irresistible for a cheese-lover like me! It was the second best-tasting lobster dish I've ever had (The best was in Thailand, Phuket, also cheese-baked.)

Curry-baked scallops
Thumbs up to this! What more can I say, the entire dish was swept up within seconds!

Golden broth sea cucumber with fish maw soup
The broth was silky, and it had that umami flavour that left me craving for more. (Just the soup, not sea cucumbers for I'm not a fan of them.)

Poached Live Prawns with Chinese Wine
They were fresh, chewy, and perfect! A definite 5 stars +++!

Deep-fried breaded prawns

Typical tempura...

Crisp-fried garlicky soft-shelled crab
Everything that's needed to be said about this dish is in its name. My grandfather was visibly beaming at this and proclaimed it his favourite dish for the meal. To me, it was the second-best, right after the cheese-baked lobster.

Crisp Fried Crystal Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk
Again, it was ordered at the request of my siblings. The salted egg yolk was powdered, so it looked more refined than those you'd see at ZiChar stalls. However, I think it'd taste better if they had more egg yolk instead. It felt slightly like a hybrid of the cereal prawn and salted-egg yolk prawn.

Baby Octopus Salad
I'm not sure if you like to chew on rubbery mini octopi but to me, it was rather nice. Great appetizer (too bad we only ordered it nearing the end of our meal.)

Korean Vermicelli
Slightly spicy, but it was interesting. Quite a refreshing change from the constant fried rice and Yi Mian dishes at restaurants.

To the delight of my grandparents, they actually serve dimsum! We wasted no time in ordering our all-time favourites.

Steamed prawn dumpling with preserved vegetables.
It was decent, though nothing remarkable.

Egg Custard Buns

A little to dry for my taste, and the salted egg yolk's flavour was totally covered by the custard. I'd prefer Yum Cha's egg custard buns and honestly I was quite disappointed by this.

However, considering that it's a seafood restaurant and dimsum is just a complement, it's understandable that customers head there to focus on the seafood dishes.

Ambiance wise, it's definitely family-friendly, but not really suitable for dates. Little ones can keep themselves entertained watching the live prawns, fish, and other seafood swimming along in the tanks near the free-flow desserts corner.

Service was prompt and the staff were friendly and enthusiastic in promoting their chef's recommendations.

Considering the variety of dishes, the price, and service, it's definitely a great deal and I'd come visit again! (In fact, that was my family's second visit within the short span of half a year.)

All You Can Eat Ala Carte Buffet Lunch

Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm (Last order 2.00pm)
Mon - Fri: $32.80++ (Adult) and $20.80++ (Child from 5- 12 years old)
Weekends, Eve of PH and PH: $36.80++ (Adult) and $20.80++ (Child from 5-12 years old)
*Maximum of 2 to dine-in
*10 dishes limited to one serving per table
Reservations can be made by calling 6345 1211/ 1212
** Standard Chartered card members are entitled to further discounts.

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