TODAI: International Buffet


Everything about Marina Bay Sands screams atas (definition: high class). The polished marble floors, the gleaming speckless floor-to-ceiling windows, the shiny displays of branded boutiques. Even the very air which you breathe once inside the Shoppes emanates this feel... [alright, I exaggerate.]

This time, my family's main purpose to The Shoppes wasn't to ogle at the gondolas and the man-made canals within Marina Bay Sands, nor was it to go on a crazy shopping spree (despite the fact that the items on display were practically luring us over to them). Instead, we were to satisfy our tastebuds at TODAI, the widely-acclaimed Sushi and Seafood Buffet Restaurant.

As we stepped into the restaurant, I was immediately taken by the wide array of food available. There were rows upon rows of trays of sushi, fresh chilled seafood, Korean food, Western food, and other exotic fares... They even had stations like the Churrasco station and the sashimi slicing station for on-the-spot food preparation by the chefs. To my delight, I found a macaron tower!

They had steaks, ribs, pre-prepared seafood salads (among many other types), and other dishes.

Fancy trying some escargot in cream sauce? Lamb leg in mint sauce? Pork in caramel fig sauce? Or even fried pork belly with mango sauce?

Presenting TODAI's famous seafood station, with their signature Alaskan Snow Crabs. The chilled snow crab legs were absolutely delectable. Even without any toppings or further cooking, in its au natural state, the flesh was fresh and totally captured the umami feel. I wasn't even bothered by how troublesome it was cracking the shells to dig into the mouthwaterlng delight inside. Their sashimi and fresh prawns deserve a huge thumbs-up too.

Finally, let us just skip to desserts. I've been dying to try out the desserts after seeing the spread of cakes and pastries, especially the chocolate fondue and macarons. I mean, who can resist macarons, when they are in a FREAKING MACARON TOWER! The macarons were pretty good, with a crisp outer shell, and a chewy inside with a rich ganache filling. I downed at least half a dozen of them all by myself.

The brownies, strawberry and matcha-flavoured cakes all paled in comparison to the macarons, at least to me, I felt that they were average

It was an alright dining experience, for the staff were rather prompt in clearing our dirty plates and the service was really efficient. However, I do hope that the staff could refill the trays more often so I wouldn't be faced with leftovers. (That explains why I'm not spamming nice food photos. How could pics of meagre leftover food swirling in a tray of gravy be visually appealing?)

However, as my family went on a weekend, we burnt a VERY big hole in our pockets. If you were to ask me if the meal was worth ~$70, I would say no (unless you spent your whole meal eating solely the Alaskan Snow Crabs). Would I visit again? Yes, but only if someone treats me to a meal there. :)
Perhaps Kiseki would be a more wallet-friendly choice?



B2-01, Canal Level

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands


Monday - Saturday

Lunch: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Dinner: 5:30pm - 10:00pm


Lunch: 11:30am - 4:00pm

Dinner: 5:00pm - 10:00pm



Monday - Friday

Adult: S$42++ | Child (below 1m 30cm): S$22++
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays
Adult: S$64++ | Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++

Eve of Public Holidays
Usual Price (to follow the usual price of the day)
Monday - Wednesday
Adult: S$58++ | Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26+
Thursday & Friday
Adult: S$68++ | Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays & eve of Public Holidays
Adult: S$68++ | Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++

Exclusive to MasterCard Theatres ticket holders: 

5% Discount on Buffet Bill (Weekdays only)

*No complimentary glass of wine
Call +65 6688 7771 or email for a reservation.

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