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For a breathtaking view of Singapore's skyline (and to boast to others that you've been onto the world's tallest now second tallest Ferris wheel), tourists would willingly pay for a ride on the Singapore flyer. I decided to be a pretend tourist for a day (again) and managed to get a $15 deal for a half-an-hour ride on the flyer. (Thank goodness I still have my student pass)

Took this off google images as I'm definitely incapable of taking such artsy shots.

Honestly, it wasn't scary for me. (I don't have vertigo). The weather wasn't very favourable that day, so unfortunately, the pictures snapped on my camera phone are not that wonderful either. The ascend was really slow, and it all depends on your luck (who is in the same cabin as you), to determine whether you'll have a pleasant ride.

Not that I'd wish to sound whiney but I didn't really enjoy my ride partly because of the wailing kids and also due to the disappointing view. Sure, you could see the Singapore River, the F1 Race Track, the Gardens by the Bay, the Esplanade and Art Science Museum, and the Floating Platform at Marina Bay. BUT, the ride was boring. 30 minutes . I was having a monologue in my mind, "oh look, how wonderful, imagine if I had busted close to 30 bucks on this ride. What else is interesting here? Nada. Zilch. I should have gone up at night. At least the view would be more exciting."

So there. I was glum for the entire duration of the ride, and by the time I'd gotten off from the cabin, I was left with a throbbing headache, with my ears still ringing from the shrill wails of the demanding kids.

NO MORE. I'm not getting on that wheel ever again.


Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd

30 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039803 
Tel: (+65) 6734 8829 
Daily flights: 8.30am - 10.30pm


(13 years or older)

(3-12 years old)

Family Combo**

(2 Adults & 1 Child)

* Children below the age of 3 are allowed to ride for free.
** Applicable for Singapore Flight

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