Tung Lok Seafood


Think of chilli crab, and the first name that pops to mind is Tung Lok Seafood. Having heard many reviews about it, my family decided to head to the outlet at Orchard Central for dinner on the eve of Mother's Day.

Tung Lok's signboard outside the restaurant

Interior of the restaurant

There were already many families waiting outside and within an hour of us being seated (at around 7.30pm), all tables were full! It's important to make reservations beforehand.
Immediately, we set about ordering the dishes. The staff were rather prompt in the delivery of dishes, probably because we were the first few families there.

Pan-fried pork and chives gyoza
It was pretty standard fare. Nothing spectacular about it.
Crispy fried bean curd with salted pepper
It was piping hot when served, and the skin was mildly crispy. However, it would appear to be slightly too bland for my liking and the tofu gets soggy from the oil really easily.
Deep-fried sea bass with light soy sauce
Crispy and flavourful! Thumbs up for this dish!

Sauteed Chinese spinach with conpoy
It was a refreshing change from the other oily, deep-fried or spicy dishes.
Sauteed sliced beef with black pepper sauce
It was succulent, tender and tasty.

Jing du Pork Ribs
This, on the other hand, was a little hard to chew on it. Presentation-wise, it's got the colour, the fragrance... Very appealing. The first bite disappoints though.

Deep-fried prawns with crispy oats
It was quite interesting to see that the crispy oat that Tung Lok uses differs from those other restaurants or ZiChar stalls that sells the same dish. The curry leaves' flavour seems more prominent here, and the oats are finer than usual. Even the colour is darker and more golden. Great dish!

Poached sliced pork with garlic sauce

A nice appetizer. It was non-oily, chewy, and not bland at all!
Sliced pork with curry sauce
The pork was slightly tough but the curry redeemed the dish.

Appetiser jellyfish with pomelo sauce

Another great appetizer, with the slight sweetness and sourness of the pomelo sauce packing a punch. I was a little bummed that the dish was so small.

Salmon Sashimi
Aside from the thick slices from the not-quite-professional slicing skills, the freshness of the sashimi more than made up for the presentation of the dish.

Braised shark's fin with fish maw
The second best dish! Silky texture, jelly-like fish maw (honestly I can't really find the shark's fin.) and flavourful soup. 

Crisp fried Shishamo
 For those who dislike eating roe, skip this dish. The sheer amount of roe (laden with cholesterol) will definitely be your worst nightmare. Personally, it's not too bad, though it might get slightly bland after the first few bites.

Crispy fish skin with salted egg yolk
The salted egg yolk is absolutely divine. It was crunchy, flake-y and left me craving for more.

Fried mantou

Tung Lok chilli crab
Tung Lok Chilli Crab completely stole the limelight. It's exotic, unique, and obviously different from all the other chilli crabs I've tried. The sauce had a tangy lemony taste to it, and Tung Lok has successfully mixed the spiciness and sour taste of the lemon to come to a perfect balance and create their signature dish! (Note: The chilli crab IS very spicy. Definitely not suitable for people who cannot take hot stuff.) The mantou, when dipped into the sauce, soaked up the sauce and we couldn't resist ordering more of them. (We didn't want the sauce to go to waste!)

Sambal Green Mussels
The sambal green mussels pales in comparison with the chilli crab. Nevertheless, it was still a decent dish with the chewy, fresh and spicy mussels.

Overall, service by their staff was fine, the food was alright but not as value-for-money as compared to the Seafood International Market and Restaurant.

Will I head back again? Maybe, for the sake of their signature chilli crab!

Ala Carte Dinner Buffet

*minimum 4 persons

Adult: $38.80++

Child: $28.80++ (Below 12 years old)

Daily Dinner: 6:00pm to 10:30pm

(Last order: 10.00pm)
181 Orchard Road #11-05 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6834-4888

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