Korea and Jeju - Day 5


Day 5:
I can safely say that breakfast at Oriental Hotel Jeju is the best for our entire trip! They provide a wide array of dishes ranging from Korean fare to Chinese, to Western. I absolutely LOVE their crispy waffles and maple syrup. Special mention goes to their crabmeat salad too! Mmm...

After stuffing myself silly from all the food, we headed to a tangerine orchard (one of the highlights of Jeju Island). It wasn't the season for tangerine picking yet, so the farmers actually strung on artificial tangerines to create that feeling of fall. HAH.

There, I spotted this really cute and furry white dog who rolled onto its belly for us to rub. We even posed for photos with a tiny (but rather obnoxious) pony which headbutted anyone who got close to it.

We bought quite a lot of food from the farm, mainly snacks and chocolates.

Then, we were brought to Yongduam Dragon Head Rock, a must-see destination for tourists.

It was really windy down there and my sister's scarf almost got blown into the sea!

The view was amazing! Can you spot the dragon's head rising out from the sea?

I was trying to get a few nice shots of the rock but inconsiderate tourists from Mainland China decided that it was a brilliant idea to clamber onto the rock (which idiot started it first?) and do weird ridiculous Superman poses on it. Even females wearing dresses wanted to be Marilyn Monroe wannabes and climbed onto the rock. OUCH MY EYES. I honestly don't fancy seeing their granny panties. I swear they're illiterate for there were HUGE signs stating "Do not enter". Our tour guide, Jullie, was so pissed off she yelled at them to get off the rock but of course, it fell on deaf ears.

While we were taking our family picture with the rock, this rude China woman just bulldozed her way through our queue (yes, us Singaporeans queued to take photos with the rock) and shoved us away just so she could get a solo shot with the rock. She even shouted at us to move off. What terrible manners.

What's a trip to Jeju without posing with the Dol Hareubang (God of wealth and fertility)?

After that, we went for horse-riding. Initially, the horse was taking its own sweet time nibbling on the grass and trotting a little. What a lazy horse! I tried to nudge it with my foot to speed it up a little but it just refused to move. It scared me for a moment when it suddenly stopped mid-trail. I thought I would be stranded all by myself in the fields! Then I realised it was pooping... I had to wait for it to finish its business before it budged again.

It was only exciting when the horse started galloping. My hairstyle was completely ruined and my butt was aching by the time I staggered down from the saddle.
Next stop, Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak).

The peak wasn't very high, but I decided not to scale till the top due to time constraints. We missed the daily catch by the Haenyo (Sea women) of Jeju (they dive into the sea just to catch live seafood!)

It was another good spot for tourist shots!

As I descended the Peak, I was thrilled to find a stall selling authentic Korean street food, the crispy spiral potato stick! It was 3,000 won for 1 and 5,000 won for 2.

Here's a really unglam photo of me with the potato spiral sticks! POTATO SWORDS! JAB JAB JAB!

We went to Cheonjeyeon waterfall, where legend goes that 7 fairies would bathe in the pool at night when they descend from the heavens.

It was a tough climb. OH my aching legs. I felt so unfit walking up and down the steep steps. However, the view made it all worthwhile.

At the Fountain of Five Blessings, I tossed a coin and made a wish!

Then, we went for lunch at the government restaurant. We had bbq black pork and everything was free flow.

After lunch, we went to Seongeup Folk Village to get a sneak peak of how life was like for the native Jeju people in the olden days.

We were greeted by the 3 poles across the entrance.

According to Jullie, Jeju has no beggars, no thieves and no need for gates, hence their special entrances.

Apparently the placement of the poles convey different messages.

Three poles down: The owner is in, all are welcome to enter

One pole down, two poles straight across: The owner is out for a few hours but will return before sundown

Two poles down, one pole straight across: The owner is out for a while but his/her child(ren) are in the house. Visitors may enter.

Three poles straight across: The owner isn't in.

Within the village, there is a pig sty for the black pig who supposedly ate all snakes that enter the village. The villagers relieve themselves at a loo right above the pig sty but for male villagers, they have to use a pole to chase the pig away from the vicinity of the loo before relieving themselves. (The pig snaps at everything that dangles around and resembles a snake, so... it's obvious why males wouldn't want the pig to get near them then.)

As Jeju's ground are hollow, water cannot be retained. Villagers have to collect rainwater using the braided straws. When it rains, the straw braids direct the water flow from trees to the pots, and help filter away the impurities. Frogs were kept in the pots to remove insects.

Our local guide in the village was this ahjumma (auntie) who appeared for two seconds on the show Daejangguem (大長今) when the show was filmed at the village. She was washing the clothes behind Daejangguem in the village for 2 seconds in around the 10th episode and she had very proudly showed us her picture with the main lead of the show. We have very jokingly nicknamed her the "two-second celebrity". She was really humorous though (and tried to match-make her sons and daughters with our tour mates.)

We took a look in the village chief's house.
Jeju's wild honey and Omija cha (Wu wei zi tea)

A trip to Jeju would not be complete if you had not tried their wild honey from Mount Halla and the Omija cha. We got a box of each (SGD 50 per box). The honey is ranked just after Manuka honey and apparently both are beneficial to our health.

We continued our tour and visited the Teddy bear museum!

I remember watching Goong in primary school, and of course I wouldn't miss a chance to pose with the Goong teddy bears! Childhood memories!

The museum had exhibits on the various major events that happened in history and enacted out again by the adorable teddy bears.

Also, they have the bear-editions of famous characters and celebrities.

The Goong bears are the highlight of the museum for the drama was filmed in the museum itself!

Swarovski bear and Louis Vuitton bear

These are the two priciest bears around. Taitais' eyes would light-up at these two.

There was an outdoor section, Teddy Bear in its Natural Surroundings - Teddy's Forest, so we headed out to snap more pictures.

I spotted Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum outside the Teddy Bear Museum. A pity we couldn't explore it. It looked mighty interesting!

We went for dinner and I managed to capture this stunning picture by the dock right outside the restaurant. =)

We had hotpot seafood with fresh prawns, crabs, clams, mussels and of course, live abalone. My tummy's happy. =)

Full and satisfied, we retired for the night!

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