Korea and Jeju - Day 8


Day 8:
Finally! We have came to the last day of our trip!

Buffet breakfast at Courtyard Marriott was the same as the day before but it's fine.

When we left the hotel, we passed by City Hall. Remember the South Korea ferry disaster in April? 

South Koreans had filled the open field in front of City Hall with tents and tied yellow ribbons to the poles around to pray for the victims. It was awfully saddening to see the pictures of the missing children and the fluttering yellow ribbons around the messages from the families. We observed a moment of silence for the victims of the tragedy.

First stop: Amethyst Factory (which screamed "TOURIST TRAP!" at me)

We walked in, then walked out (when all the staff were being preoccupied with the rich tourists from Mainland China.) HAHA.

On our way to the next stop, we passed by the National Assembly Building.

Then, we went to Korea Natural Life Centre, where the staff tried selling us health products to improve our liver functions.

I was utterly sick of all the brainwashing and sneaked out of the place with the excuse of finding the toilet. We disappointed the salespeople there, I think.

A trip to Korea wouldn't be complete without purchasing their seaweed!

We went to Songhe Seaweed Factory to get the trademark Korean laver/seaweed/kelp.

We weren't that interested in the seaweed-making process so we skipped the history of seaweed and the demonstration on how the seaweed was packed. I spotted the free seaweed samples and the kids in our tour group immediately descended upon it like a  swarm of hungry locusts.
HAHA. The kiasu-ism of typical Singaporeans.

The best 3 flavours were the wasabi, kimchi and original. We got loads of them as souvenirs for friends (and of course, for our own consumption.)

Sinchon Fashion Street!

Technically, Sinchon Fashion Street was not included in our itinerary but Jullie saw our interest in shopping and decided to add it in for us! Kumsahamida!

It was the best shopping street, perfect for ladies as it is located close to all-women universities like Ewha. We could bargain with the shopkeepers and they had really fashionable, trendy and cute outfits. Definitely better than Bugis!

I had to control the inner shopaholic in me as we were already running short of cash. I only managed to get a few sets of new clothes. (We didn't expect our non-included meals and tips for the driver/guides and photos from the photographer to be so expensive!) What a bummer to see all the pretty clothes but being unable to buy them!

After our shopping, we went for lunch at Chuan Zhou Ming Jia, where we had ddeokbokki. The kids enjoyed stirring the food and mixing the rice in the hotplate when we finished our ddeokbokki.

Incheon International Airport
It was time to end our tour! I have fallen in love with Korea and I really didn't want to leave. I love their weather, their food, their shopping streets and the good looks of the people there!

Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Centre
As our flight was in the evening and we reached the airport really early, we had a lot of time to kill. We headed to the Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Centre to experience Korea's traditional folk art free-of-charge (for foreigners only).

The materials were provided.

My siblings and I decided to put our artistic skills to the test and start on the traditional folk art of painting on the wooden boards!

Posing with the Palace Guard/Officials

All hail the Emperor and Empress!

I was fortunate enough to catch the "Walk of the Royal Family" where airport staff dressed up in the royal garb of the royal family came strolling out to allow us to pose for pictures with them.

On my flight back to Singapore, we met with terrible air turbulence and I was so terrified that I could not even sleep. I watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and The Wolverine just to distract myself from the constant nagging dread that something bad would happen on the return flight. Thank goodness we landed safe and sound.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip and a great respite from my otherwise mundane life back in Singapore!

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