191st Founders' Day


It was awfully nostalgic, stepping foot into Raffles Institution once again. I really missed the RJ cats, the familiar green-and-white buildings and my ex-teachers.

It felt strange, going back to school, not in school uniform, but in office wear. As I walked down the familiar corridors, saw familiar faces of my batch mates (yes, most of them are still my current classmates in YLLSoM), I suddenly felt old. I regretted not participating in more school activities such as ORA when I was still studying in Raffles. Throughout my 6 years in RGS, and then RI (JC), I have not went for a single ORA!  I didn't exactly get much out of my high school experience, and this time, I'm determined to get the most out of my college experience!

Actually, I could have just picked up the cheque for the "A-levels" Academic Excellence Award from the Student Affairs Centre (and not have to wake up at such an unearthly hour to reach school by 7.30am for pre-prize presentation briefings) but I figured my parents would want to see me up on stage receiving the prize. I swear I was such an underachiever in JC that they never even had the chance to see me get a single prize at all. I think the last time I managed to go on stage to receive a prize was in sec 1? I used to feel so inadequate, surrounded by all my deans' lister friends and etc. (Well, even though eventually, I did end up on the Deans List, I still had that inferiority complex going on.)

Anyway, the speeches were pretty standard, the school report was nothing unexpected (Raffles clinched the top prizes for blahblahblah, won x number of Golds, Silvers and Bronzes in sports competitions, International Olympiads and etc, we have well-rounded excellent students who contribute to the community, handfuls of students who end up receiving prestigious scholarships, heading off to Ivy Leagues...)

The only highlight was the catchup with old friends and my classmates from 13SO3C! I was the only girl from my class present then though. :( I managed to see Mrs Kwie (my JC form teacher) before she ran off awkwardly.

After learning of where my friends are all heading towards, I suppose it's time for another round of farewells for people flying off to the States, UK, or even Australia. I really can't imagine how we'll end up as 10 years down the road. Hopefully we'll all achieve what we aimed for in the end. :)

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