Medicine Dinner & Dance 2014: Soiree de Capitale


D & D seems like a dreadfully troublesome affair, what with the dress shopping, props making, manicures and etc girly bimbotic stuff females are supposed to do. However, Medicine's D & D was more like a Halloween party! Our orientation theme was the Hunger Games, and since I was from District 4, the fishing district, my house decided to dress up as pirates with our own DIY swords, eye patches and bandannas!

Reception started at 6pm at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Hungry from the walking from the MRT station, we swarmed to the fruit tarts and devoured them all.

The menu wasn't that great but since we only paid $50 for the tickets, it's quite decent.

Honestly, DnD is just an excuse for camwhoring and socialising.

My table decided to engage in some camwhoring.

Then my Clinical Group had a 6/7 CG photo. I'm glad my CG has a bunch of fun people! :)

The Med King and Med Queen contest was interesting. The dances were awesome and they even had to re-enact a scene from a movie each! In the end, they made parodies of Titanic and Twilight.

I suppose Titanic's parody was the best, and my favourite lines would be:

"Rose, I love the feel of your latissimus dorsi (yes, we were all listening during anatomy class)" 


Rose: Jack, I'm flying! 
Jack: No Rose, you're abducting!

It was pretty cool that my house's pageant nominees ended up as the final 3 nominees for both the male and female groups (but they didn't end up as Med King and Queen).

Overall, I had a blast last night!

Here's to more crazy parties and gatherings with the Medicine family!

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