Recipe: Tomato Fried Rice


Leftover rice isn't always a bad thing. They're perfect for cooking fried rice!
Sick of cooking egg fried rice over and over again, I'm trying out a new type of fried rice:

(serves 2)
-1 egg
- 2 bowls of leftover rice
- 1 chicken sausage
- 2 cloves of garlic
- half a shallot
- half a tomato
- 1/3 bowl of assorted vegetables (peas, sweet corn and carrots)
- spring onions for garnishing
- ketchup
- salt and pepper to taste
- vegetable oil


1. Heat the wok. Add vegetable oil and heat.

2. Stir fry the diced shallots and garlic till fragrant.

3. Stir in the diced sausages, assorted vegetables, and diced tomatoes. Ensure that the ingredients are mostly dry before adding in the oil and the rice (Note: Individual rice beads must be separated well beforehand).

4. Add a little more oil and pour in the leftover rice. (Make sure you stir fry properly to prevent the rice from clumping together and sticking to the bottom of the wok) . Add 4 tblsp of ketchup, some salt and pepper to taste.

5. Beat the egg and add it into the ingredients in the wok. Stir thoroughly to spread the egg on the rice evenly.

6. Garnish with spring onions. 

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