White Coat Ceremony


The donning of the white coat marks an important first step for medical students. It is the official induction for them, into the noble profession of being a doctor. Having experienced the White Coat Ceremony, I could only say that the experience was surreal to me.

I ended up being slightly late when I entered (thank goodness the ceremony still hasn't started) for my housemates and I lost our way in school. We missed our bus stop and went on a whole loop around school again before finally reaching University Cultural Centre. We were seated based on alphabetical order, so I made new friends.

Gaurav and his long arm... A pretty decent wefie, I would say. (Gaurav, me, Eswari, and Gerald)
We walked onto stage for the presentation of white coats to us by our professors. While on stage, I was praying really hard I wouldn't totter in my heels and sprawl really unglamorously on the floor. Luckily for me, I managed to keep my balance. (not bad, considering that I haven't worn that pair of heels in so long) The lady prof who was helping me don my coat was nice and smiley. We took a group picture, shook hands with the profs behind us (I shook hands with the President of NUS) and went off-stage.

When we recited the Pledge (based on the Hippocratic Oath), I truly realised what I was in for. A lifetime of healing and caring in the noble, selfless profession of being a doctor. I suppose my parents were really proud of me (It was my mom's dream to be a doctor and she finally had me realise her own dream.)

my counsellor, Celline, having a proud motherly moment (we have the same surname! What coincidence!)

House 4 photo

pic with some of the gorgeous house 4 girls!

my JC classmates, all smart people. We're gonna be classmates for a further 5 more years, and colleagues for the rest of our lives!

It marks the first step of a long journey, one where I would go on with the people in these photos. For the next 5 years (and decades after), we'll be helping each other out (and hopefully we won't get sick of each other's faces. haha.)

Of course, my achievement would not be possible without the unwavering support and care from my ever-loving parents. They really deserve an appreciative post. They were there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, they were there when I needed someone to encourage me, and they were there with me all the while. I felt like the most blessed daughter in the world. =)

Here's to all good things, and a great university life ahead!

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