Cafe hopping: 49 Seats


Kreta Ayer is known for its food haunts. There, you’ll be able to find the best burritos in town (Mu Cha Chos anyone?), the famous bak kut teh, quaint little cafes and of course, some really posh atas restaurants.

49 Seats, at 49 Kreta Ayer Road, with literally 49 seats in the cafe. 

What a unique name. That drew our attention.

My friends and I made reservations for 4 at 6pm but we took longer than that for we got lost wandering around Outram Park station’s confusing exits and the labyrinthine alleys of Kreta Ayer.

Even on a weekday night, the place is a favourite among the working adults and reservations are important or you’ll end up sitting outdoors, not in the comfort of the air-conditioned interior.
The interior design isn’t much, what with the industrial black-white-and-steel concept, and the place seems rather cramped to me. Guess the way they reused the beer bottles and incorporated it into their design was pretty environmentally-friendly and innovative of them.

Their menu boasts quite a wide range of mains, appetisers and drinks for us to choose from. Nope, no alcoholic beverages for us though we’re of legal age.

We ordered Pan-Fried Fish with Al Scampi Sauce, and the Chicken and Cheese Salad.

Pan fried fish with Al Scampi Sauce
The fish was tender and fresh! Even without additional seasoning, it was delicious enough. While the fries and garden salad aren’t at all remarkable (the fries tasted like McDonald’s), the highlight of this main would be the sauce. It reminded me of clam chowder, creamy, rich and laden with seafood delights!

They are really quite generous with the helpings of shrimps. For a seafood lover like me, their chewy and delectable mussels and clams appealed to me the most! I cleared the entire bowl of sauce all by myself (and the sauce was great for dipping your fries with too!) YUMZ in my TUMZ.

Price-wise, it seems reasonable for a cafe, for the dish was filling enough and I am not complaining about the portion of the Al Scampi sauce.

Chicken and Cheese Salad
The salad looked presentable enough but the generous helping of cheese drizzled over the greens doesn't seem as healthy as expected. At least the chicken was tender and flavouful. It was served with thousand island dressing at one side.

It was a nice place to chat and chill out with friends, but probably not suitable for dates. The buzz of conversation in the background may get a little too loud at times.

Service was pretty efficient and well, and the servers were a fun bunch.

Verdict? I MIGHT go there again, to try their Tom Yum Pasta, but only after I’m done with other cafes in the Kreta Ayer area.

49 Kreta Ayer Road

Singapore 089007T: 6225 4332
Mon – Sat: 17:30 – 01:30

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