Children's Day


Children's Day used to be filled with memories of teachers giving out chocolates and sweets, having a school holiday and watching concerts put up by primary school teachers. It was my second favourite day of the year, the first being my birthday.

Then, the age for celebrating Children's Day passed, and we had Youth Day instead. Still, teachers treated us to donuts, pizzas and we had school holidays for that.

University marked our official transition into adulthood. No school uniforms, no strict rules on the dying of hair and proper attire, no more Children's Day or Youth Day. Somehow, I felt nostalgic reminiscing about the times when I was still in secondary school/JC.

3 Oct - everyone in my batch decided it's time for us to go back to being kids FOR A DAY! Though we aren't technically kids, we should just celebrate Children's Day! We dug out our school uniforms and donned them with pride.

House 4 photo! Xuan wore RGPS uniform! Can't believe she still fits her primary school uniform after all these years! Too cute. :')

A better attempt at a CG photo. HC, RJ, ASCI, RJ, HC. THERE. This seems like a more even distribution.

That day, our lecturers thought they went into the wrong LT. haha. That was definitely fun reliving our JC days.

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