Mega Mugging Madness


What do you expect from med school? Exams, exams and more exams.
Right after CA1 at end Sep, we’re now faced with CA2 in mid Nov. What’s new?

Addy’s #qotd: The library is a miserable place. 

touché. I’ve been there from 7.30am till 5pm on Friday. (I’ll have to admit that I was rather distracted then… Napping and snacking and scrolling through useless sites about life hacks.)
While we’re mugging (at med library), my juniors are mugging for their A levels.
Since J2 juniors back at RI are having their Mega Mugging Madness week with catered buffet dinners at $1, I guess it’s time for some reliving of old memories!
On Fri, a few of us med students (Gerald, Ernest, Jun Wei, Yi Jie, Daryl and his ultimate friends like Wern Ho and Joy) and Ruoxi (Dentistry) went back! At least Ruoxi and I bothered to masquerade as J2s in our MR house shirts (and we managed to get a free polaroid each). Too bad our shoes gave us away (I was wearing sandals). It was too dark for people to notice my dyed hair anyway.

Honestly I was quite disappointed for this year, all food was catered. No more home-made good food by parents as MOE was worried of food poisoning. The variety is less and portions were a lot smaller. meh. So much for going back on “International Smorgasbord” day. Alright, at least I was fed.
Said hi to a few juniors and ex-classmates/OG mates (who went in army uniform), and then it got too boring for me. ah well. In the end, I left early. I have to rest well before dance lessons on Sat after all!
Dance lesson on Saturday was intense. We went through the whole warm up (not tardy this time round, no reason to skip exercise), did the routine, some chest isolations, and learnt new moves.
I was still a little bummed out that there were so many ballet moves in our routine. I had expected Street Jazz to have more elements of street dance! Chaînés, pirouettes… I was dizzy from all the spinning. At least I guess I felt less noob after more than a month of picking up dance.
Good thing about having dance classes at Orchard? The buzz that’s always around on Saturdays. SCAPE has its flea markets and there will ALWAYS be some form of promotion or the other.

Look at the free red velvet marble slab creamery ice cream that I’ve gotten! haha. Just for a single Facebook like, I managed to satisfy my ice-cream craving! *cheapo-auntie mode activated*
Great! Maybe I’m ready for Playhouse dance. Rehearsals should be starting soon, I think. I hope it won’t be too intense though, given that I’ve just confirmed my role as Co-director for next year’s Student Medical-Nursing Education Conference and I do need quite a lot of planning and meetings with the rest of the organising committee.
The interviews (or “chit-chat sessions”, as our seniors put it) were quite funny. Initially I had applied for Manpower and Logistics IC but somehow, the ex-co-Directors managed to persuade me to take up the role of Co-Director. Hmm… the job scope does sound pretty heavy on the admin side but guess I’ll be able to manage given my experience from planning the RC Youth Chapter events. Liaising and working with profs and other doctors and healthcare professionals for SMEC 2015 seems intriguing enough. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even learn some pretty neat stuff! (or maybe the profs will just know me and decide to call on me during lectures to answer questions. OHDEAR. What a scary thought!)
This week’s Harvey and simulated OT practicals were pretty interesting. Our noobness and indecisiveness had caused 2 patients to “die” in their respective scenarios in the OT. Anyway, when in doubt, morphine is always the answer (almost every patient is in pain!) We’ll have to work harder. What would happen to the future of Singapore’s healthcare if we end up as sub-par doctors? *shudders*
It’s late. Suppose it’s best for me to just call it a day and return to the warm embrace of my bed. 

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