Penning down my thoughts is strangely therapeutic.

How peculiar.

Peace only starts sinking in late at night. When all is silent. When the lights outside my windows dim.  When the only sound that matters is the faint whirl of fans and the sporadic tapping of my fingers upon the keyboard.

I should be getting back to my notes, yet the urge to do anything else but study pulls my gaze away from the printed lecture slides.

Abdominal viscera. Blood supply. Innervations. I stare at the screen while the words from this morning's lecture replay themselves in my mind. I sigh.

Tea leaves swirl in my mug by the side of my desk. I prodded the floating green specks with a cautious finger and made a face. Cold.

I yawned. Then stretched. Tick-tock. A quick glance at the hanging wall clock revealed 11.26pm. Perhaps... it's time to retire for the night.

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