Boon Tong Kee


Think chicken rice, and most people would automatically associate it with stalls in coffee shops and food centres.

I wouldn't be able to tell which hawker centre or stall has the best chicken rice, but I sure know of a restaurant which sells a mean chicken rice set!

Boon Tong Kee is famous for their silky white sauce chicken rice. From humble beginnings as a tiny roadside stall in Chinatown, it is now a chain restaurant, not only selling chicken rice, but also Tze Char. It has garnered pretty rave reviews from locals and foreigners alike, so my family decided to take a chance there.

The interior's quite nice for a restaurant located below a HDB block. We went to their Boon Keng outlet. Thankfully we made reservations beforehand, because by 7pm, the waiting queue was all the way down the corridor. The restaurant staff even had to expand the eating area to the non-air conditioned place and set out chairs for the people queuing outside.

Here's their famous chicken rice! The chicken was smooth, tender and absolutely delicious. It's pleasantly unoily and the crunchy cucumbers added a refreshing finishing touch to the dish. The chicken rice was tasty and the grains didn't stick together. Coupled with their garlic paste, chilli sauce and dark sauce, it was definitely tempting enough for me to get seconds! Still, I had to curb my cravings for there are more dishes coming up!

Thick soup with crab meat and fish maw tasted like shark's fin soup. I loved the umami flavour and the chewy bits of fish maw. Topped with pepper and vinegar, it left a great impression for me.

The fried venison with spring onion and ginger smelled divine, looked great and best of all, tasted awesome! The venison was succulent and the taste really seeped into the meat. I regretted not getting the "large" portion for this dish.

Braised Chinese Cabbage with dried scallops was tastefully arranged and the silky gravy was perfect for complementing our rice. The dish lived up to expectations for the cabbage was done nicely, neither too soggy nor too crunchy (in a raw way). The scallops were rather fresh too!

Imperial pork ribs were not as tender as expected but the taste made up for it. There was a slight sour tinge that added some zest to the dish.

The crispy cereal prawns were humongous. It was a little troublesome to pick out the flesh from the shell and cereal flakes were flying everywhere. The table ended up looking like a war zone with specks of yellow flakes scattered all over. (Have I mentioned that my siblings are really messy eaters?) I loved the crispness of the cereal and it had very nicely juxtaposed with the tender chewy flesh of the fresh prawns. I didn't even mind looking unglam. I mean, who cares about appearances when you're stuffing your face full with great food? XD

Fried eggplant with minced pork was another appetising dish. Despite sounding really typical and non-exciting, it totally exceeded out expectations. The piping hot eggplant was nicely done to a perfect softness. They were really generous with the minced pork and it tasted just right! You could even eat the dish without the rice!

Our last dish would be Fried bean sprouts with salted fish. The salted fish was crispy and not too salty, so it gave a nice loud satisfying crunch. I was pleased that they bothered cleaning the bean sprouts for I did not spot any lone roots or black seed coats in the dish. It was a lot more visually appealing this way. Kudos to the kitchen crew for taking the time to tediously clean the bean sprouts up! Taste-wise, it was delightfully simple and a welcome change from the other dishes with richer flavours.

We had water chestnut and sugarcane for our beverage and it was a pleasant blend.
Although the staff mixed up our drinks and had mistakenly served us lime juice initially, they were really professional about it and changed our drinks immediately. Their prompt service and great attitude won me over.

The total cost for our meal was around $200+. I felt that the price was slightly too steep for we only had a prawn dish and the location of the restaurant was in the heartlands. Perhaps it would be more reasonable and have a more income-inelastic demand if prices were lower? :)

Though the overall experience there was alright, I think I won't be heading there again in the near future.

Boon Tong Kee

Blk 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1194
Singapore 560233
Contact Number
6457 2696
Operating Hours
Mon - Fri: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm
Sat, Sun and PH: 11am - 10pm

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