Caffeine cravings - Starbucks


It doesn't help that you have to chug down Ventis after Ventis of caffeine-and-sugar-laden drinks (no whipped cream please) to help you stay awake and survive medical school. It also doesn't help that there's a Starbucks right outside our lecture theatre building and baristas give out one-for-one coupons almost everyday.

Sadly, I've just become relegated to a hopeless addict of Starbucks (yes, I've gotten their Sbux card and I'm aiming for their loyalty rewards!).

When I first stepped into the shop and laid eyes upon their price list, I could hear my inner self screaming, "Their drinks are overpriced!" Sure, compare that to the normal kopi you can get at Kopitiam (or any coffee shop/ hawker centre). The price quadruples! 

Then I realised that Starbucks isn't just about the coffee or fraps, or food. It's about the atmosphere. 
It's such a nice mugging spot, where you could sit down with a laptop open, notes scattered all over the wooden tables, with a drink by your side. The fragrance of coffee, the background buzz of the blenders and the sight of others chilling with a cuppa could totally keep you awake. 
Their pastries are pretty decent too! 

4 months into school and yes, I believe I'll frequent Starbucks a lot more often than I'd have expected before. I've even tried all their new Christmas flavours within a week. (Peppermint mocha tops the list with the strong minty flavour, followed by Hazelnut White Chocolate mocha and lastly, the toffee nut frappe)

I'm hoping that I'll be lucky enough to catch the barista every week or so when he/she's giving out the coupons so I'll be able to get a sweet deal and satisfy my caffeine craving at the same time! 

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