Frozen Yogurt: llao llao


FROYO = llao llao. 

That's the IN-thing in Singapore right now. 

After getting bombarded by pictures of llao llao frozen yogurt on facebook, instagram, and twitter, FINALLY, I've decided I should at least try it once to see what's so legendary about it.

At Somerset 313, the queues for llao llao was crazy. Even at 9.30pm, the security guard had to be there to control the crowd.

I ordered a medium sized cup with 3 toppings at $5.90 after 20 whole minutes of queuing. 

The three toppings I’ve gotten were Raffaello (some white chocolatey sauce), Oreos and caramelised cookies. They definitely added more sweetness to the yogurt! What I loved most about llao llao was how they managed to make plain froyo taste so refreshing and good. It wasn’t like sogurt at all (which felt more like ice-cream than yoghurt). llao llao’s yogurty taste really stands out and it doesn’t make me feel sick after eating more of it.

Guess that makes their tagline true for me.

YUP. I’ll be back for their taste. Next time I’ll get a sanum, the $6.90 cup!

*2015 update: llao llao stores are popping up everywhere! There's even one at NUH Medical Centre. At least I can indulgence in good food with much less guilt.

Sanums are awesome. Just look at the amazingly gorgeous swirl of frozen yogurt and the vibrant orange of the mango sauce. And no one ever refuses caramelized cookies.

llao llao (pronounced yow yow)

Located at: 313 Somerset Basement 3 (and a lot more places now)
Opens from 10am – 11pm daily.

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