strive on!


It was an awfully exhausting week. 

2 days of 3-hour-long dance practices for Playhouse, and reaching home at 10+pm, an extra session of Patient-based Programme (PBP) that was shifted forward to Thursday, and back-to-back tutorial sessions and Longitudinal Patient Experience training. It's no wonder that I'm sporting huge eye bags and dark eye circles. 

Every single journey to school felt tediously long, especially when I'm lugging around the huge-ass hard copy of Gray's Anatomy in one arm, with my laptop stacked atop it. Also, I couldn't find my flats on Thursday (and PBP required us to be in formal attire and covered shoes), so I had no choice but to wear heeled pumps and totter around school (and the hospital) in them for the entire day. OUCH MY FEET. 

Thank goodness my past few months of dance sessions had paid off and I'm conditioned well enough to not end up with an aching body after our dance practices. Though I'm working out often in these recent months, I don't think I'm losing weight as fast as in the past 2 weeks. 

I have a confession to make: I've been indulging in guilty pleasures - gastronomical delights - again. YEAH I know, I've sworn off rice, pasta, noodles, bread, all floury stuff, starchy vegetables, fried food and sweet desserts. Supposedly. Yet, I've broken all these restrictions this week. It doesn't really sink in when I'm eating (the joy of having food I've sorely missed overwhelmed the guilt). Then, a while after the meal, I'll be mentally kicking myself, pinching at my adipose tissue and moaning at my lack of self-restraint. 

Same thing happened yesterday. Right after I got home from dance practice, I saw the Matcha flavoured tub of ice cream from Baskin-Robbins lying in the freezer. It was conspicuously bright-pink, and humongous (quart-sized), and waved invitingly in my face. My mom had very kindly offered it to me and of course, my bonds of self-control snapped. 

There. I keep deluding myself that self-indulgence once in a while is fine... 

And right after, I couldn't resist sneaking a bite at the mini cupcakes from twelve cupcakes. OOPS. 

Alright, I should stop giving myself excuses. I shall exercise control for the whole of next week! STRIVE ON! (and I should start mugging for CA3 already!)

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