dance! :)


I believe I've found a new love!


It is self-expression. Self-discovery. Releasing inhibitions.

When the music starts, everything else goes.

Mind, body, heart, soul. Movements flow. My muscles go on auto-pilot as I follow the other dancers in the mirror. The beat's too fast for me to register the next move. Stop thinking. Just move along.

Barefooted on the studio's wooden floor, with the rhythm of the music blasting in my ears, I twirl, sway, leap. I glance up into the mirror and see a new me. Clap, swish, kneel. I see myself doing moves I've never imagined doing.

Learning Street jazz was my wildest experiment. Everytime I watch my friends performing sleek cool moves, and oozing confidence, there'll be this yearning in my heart. One day, I will be like them. I keep telling myself that, but never found the motivation nor the courage to go for dance classes. Self-doubt and self-consciousness deterred me.

Finally, I've decided I've had enough of procrastinating. If I never took the first step, I might end up harbouring a regret. I made up my mind to just go for the Street Jazz course at O School *SCAPE. No one would know me in class. I wouldn't see them around school or anywhere else outside of dance classes. Just this once.

I'm glad to say it was the best decision ever. Carol, our instructor, was really encouraging and motivated me along. I know I probably look like a klutz, but once I started, there was no turning back. Sure, the first few times I did the hip sway, chest rolls and body waves, I felt really awkward. The moves seem so daring. Was that really me in the mirror?

Then, I shrugged it off. It was a form of self-experimenting. Why should I circumscribe myself within self-imposed walls? There was absolutely no reason to do that.

It has been a while. The course was over, but it is not the end. I continue going for open classes, learning new choreography and improving on techniques.

Surprisingly, classes were amazingly fun. My initial worry of being the class burden and noob dissipated when I realised that I wasn't as bad as I had thought. Maybe I'm not the fastest learner. Maybe my moves didn't exactly reach the perfect angle, or deliver the intended effect, but hey, I'm improving. I felt visibly less stressed with each open class I attend. Sometimes, I don't even have to think that hard about the next dance move.

I suppose this is motivation enough for me to continue on with classes. Everyone starts off as a rookie. Perseverance is key.

Today's dance class was CRAZY. Clarice delivered a mind-blowing piece of choreography to Lucky Strike by Maroon 5. I sweated it out, I had fun, I laughed. I didn't even notice that my left knee was bruised from the constant kneeling and floor work. I could feel and see myself improve with every single time we go through the actions. I didn't even mind the exhaustion.

I found something to look forward to every single week. Something to tide me through the mundane routine school life. Something to push me on.


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