19th birthday.


"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wings of time." - Jean Paul
Opened the mailbox this morning to the sweetest surprise ever: a compilation of birthday well-wishes from my lovely House 4 friends from med school.

Frankly speaking, I wasn't expecting anything much for my birthday since it was during our term break and most friends were overseas. It definitely took them a lot of effort compiling everything and making sure it was delivered on time to my house! 

Imagine how touched I was when I saw that awesome talented Stef drew a cartoon of me, and Hilary (my birthday angel) managed to make a photo collage scrapbook with all my housemates' messages! I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends. Looking forward to the next 4.5 years together in med school, and more decades together as colleagues!

Later on that day, my entire family went out for a birthday dinner at Ban Heng. (Review here.) Post-dinner, we headed to VivoCity's rooftop to take pics of awesome Christmas decorations.

Doesn't this cute snowman make you feel as if you're in Winter Wonderland? The shining fairy lights make the night seem more magical!

This looks like Harry Potter's patronus but that's just my inner Potterhead speaking. haha. 

Gorgeous, humongous, sparkly Christmas tree (and hot air balloon)! 

And a photo of me posing alongside the Christmas decorations!

As most of my friends know, I absolutely LOVE matcha flavoured stuff. Thankfully, I managed to fulfil my matcha cravings that day by getting a Matcha Cake with Azuki Beans!

Excited kiddy me waiting for cake!

YAY~ I finally got to cut the cake. (Nah, it's for show only, I can't cut cakes evenly. The job was passed to my mom after the pic was taken.)

I'm finally 19. Guess that means I'm supposed to be more mature and independent, make wiser decisions, try to be less reckless and rash.

Here's to better years ahead. :)

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