"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice, and to make an end is to make a beginning." - T.S. Eliot

As the last few seconds of 2014 ticked by, I wasn't counting down. I wasn't eagerly anticipating the start of the new year, and shouting along with everyone else. I was watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on TV, munching on Lays, and making snarky comments about the on-screen characters. How anticlimactic. 

When the movie finally ended, I glanced up at the clock and went, "OHDAMN. I missed the countdown by half an hour. Much lag." Then shrugged, cleaned up and plopped down onto my bed. 

No biggie, I'm still going to be in my first year of uni, I don't have to start school immediately on 2nd Jan, I'm not working. There isn't going to be much flux in my life anyway. New Year resolutions can wait till my brain's functioning properly enough and not moaning for sleep like a bunch of half-crazed zombies hungering after fresh brains. Oops inappropriate metaphor. 

As my friends know, I don't harbour much love for crowded places, where bodies are pressed against each other, and you barely have enough space without being shoved or nudged by complete strangers.  I'm claustrophobic, actually, and I'm not a touchy-feely kind of person. No surprises there if I decline to go for countdowns. Nor clubbing invites. I'd very much prefer staying in the spacious comforts of my own home, thank you very much.

Now, when I'm penning down this post, I suppose I feel a slight tinge of nostalgia, and a sliver of anticipation.

I have very solemnly promised myself to stick to my new year resolutions this year.

#1 Keep fit, eat healthy and slim down more!
#2 Spend more time with my family. Studying/ busy med school/heavy commitments are not valid excuses.
#3 Don't procrastinate and study consistently!
#4 Try to make an effort to be nicer (and keep my sarcastic snappy self in check)
#5 Go out more often with friends! Don't be an anti-social hermit! (ah well, I exaggerate.)

SO THERE. Sometimes I need people to guilt trip me once in a while to remember to stick to my resolutions, but this year, I'll TRY to take my own initiative.

Here's to a better year ahead! :)

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