Bai Le Seafood Tze Char (百乐海鲜煮炒) 1


There's always this amazingly cozy sense of home when dining at a neighbourhood Tze Char stall. It's something uniquely Singapore, iconic of Singapore's coffee shops in the heartlands. Perhaps it's the buzz of conversation, the hollering of stall-owners in local dialects and Singlish, or maybe, it's the distinctive fragrance of local dishes. 

Bai Le Seafood Tze Char located at Hougang Street 61, BLK 682 offers wide plethora of dishes at affordable prices, and it's perfect for a no-frills family get-together. 

We ordered a Dinner Set B for 6 pax (though honestly, it's enough for even 7 or 8 pax) at $98.

For starters, we had Braised Beancurd with Scallops. The dish's presentation was undeniably photo worthy but the focus would definitely be on its taste. The bean curd skin was firm, but not tough. The crispy scallops provided a fine juxtaposition to the softness of the bean curd. The dish was further complemented by the rich silky and tasteful gravy. It would go well with or without rice.

Next up, we had the Golden Sands Crispy Whole Chicken. True to its name, it was crispy, and the chicken was sliced into perfectly bite-sized pieces. Coupled with the sticky, savoury and slightly saccharine sauce, it was an instant hit around the table.

The Soon Hock Grouper proved to be a well-liked dish too! It was crisp on the outside, and tenderly fresh on the inside. Topped with fried garlic and floury crisps, and mini chunks of chilli, the dish will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Do note that it might be slightly salty if eaten without rice.

Yangzhou fried rice did not exactly live up to expectations. Though the rice separated well and wasn't oily, it was rather bland and lacked the umami flavour of the fried rice that I've had at Paradise Inn.

The Drunken Prawns in Herbal Soup was presented to us in a Yuan-yang pot with an electric stove. That ensured that the prawns and the soup were still piping hot when we were ready to eat it. Needless to say, the prawns were fresh and fleshy. Though the herbal taste wasn't very pronounced in the prawns, it could be made up by dunking the prawns in soup again after deshelling them. What I liked about the soup was that it only left a slight bitter aftertaste that was quickly overwhelmed by its tinge of sweetness and umami flavour, unlike most other herbal soups. 

The Broccoli with Crabmeat was pretty average though. 

As the stall was having a "2 crabs for $38" promotion that night, we decided to add a dish of Salted Egg Yolk Butter Crab to our table. The crabs were surprisingly meaty (It was a really worthy deal!) and the sauce was "finger-licking good", to quote my siblings. I could even feel the fine biscuit-like texture of the coating on the crab! However, I was slightly disappointed at the tiny portion of sauce that was sprinkled onto the crabs. The dish's "tasty factor" would most definitely jump a few more notches up if there were more sauce!

Overall, it was still an enjoyable and affordable, dinner experience. 

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