Christmas Potluck!


My greatest blessing during JC life would be my group of really close, awesome, sweet, and amazing girlfriends, Chen Ting, Jia Qi, Jes, Stef and Clauds. They stayed by my side during the toughest period in those years, kept me sane (prevented me from actually sinking into depression) when I was going through times of emotional turmoil (and breakdowns) and supported me for school exams and A-levels. :') I wouldn't have achieved my stellar grades if not for our support-study-mugging group. They really deserve a dedication post. Words can't express how much I love them all.

I'm really glad that though we end up in different schools and faculties (only Stef and I am in NUS Medicine), our friendship remained strong. Last December, we had a Christmas potluck at Stef's and this year, we decided to continue that tradition again! Same place, same people. :) 

We brought our own food. I cooked spaghetti marinara, Chen Ting baked red velvet cupcakes, Clauds baked pink ombre cakes and bought sushi, Jes baked chocolate earl grey mousse cake, Jia Qi got us honey baked wings and Stef got us curry puffs. Check out the delicious yummies!

We stuffed ourselves silly, caught up with each other (man, how I missed our ridiculous conversations last time involving strange words like moribund and schadenfreude) and had so much fun just basking in the presence of one another. It has been so long since a full gathering with every single one of us present!

I guess we were drunk on happiness and we weren't exactly thinking straight. We decided to watch Annabelle (and totally forgot about how scary it could be)! Stef managed to successfully stream the movie (YAYY level up, Stef!) and we huddled in a corner watching it. 

It was comical how we screamed, covered our eyes and peered through the slits in our fingers, clutched onto each other and attempted being directors, predicting the plights of the characters in the film. I remember we were at the dark corridor/lift scene when Max (Stef's cat) suddenly jumped from behind the Christmas tree and I twitched in alarm. HOLYCRAP. That frightened me for a while. 

Clauds managed to slap a mozzie from my arm and we continued watching the movie when suddenly, Clauds started exclaiming, "ERMAGAD! It revived! EEEK!" To our surprise, the very same mozzie slowly fluttered up from its resting spot after it got swatted, and flew above our heads. Considering that we were watching a horror film then, we all started ROFL and feeling a little freaked out also. The hilarity of the situation struck us so much so that we were distracted from the movie for quite a while. 

Max and Pippin (Stef's two playful fluffy cats) were awfully distracting too! Throughout the entire movie, they were running into paper bags, chewing on the Christmas tree, and having silly cat fights. >.<

Max attempted whacking Pippin from outside the bag. We figured he was jealous that Pippin could  fit in but he couldn't. haha. 

Cute lil Pippin with her lovely blue eyes. Who let the cat out of the bag? ;)

It was an AMAZING day with those girls. Here's to decades more of our Christmas potluck tradition! :)

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