Marina Barrage


The December holidays are coming to an end and I figured I needed to spend some quality time with my sibs. After all, I promised them I'd bring them out to "cool places" to chill out and have fun. 

Cloudy skies, windy weather. Perfect for an outing to Marina Barrage! 

The vast expanse of green that greeted us at the rooftop garden gave me this ineffable feeling of joy and freedom! Check out the Singapore flyer, Marina Bay Sands and the domes of Gardens by the Bay!

I could see groups of teens and families flying kites, having picnics, and playing ball.

There were some pretty amazing kites that looked like inflatable toys! 

I attempted to fly my kite and succeeded on the first try! :) 

Natural talent. heh. 

Meanwhile, my bro stuffed himself with our picnic food. 

A really kind girl came over and randomly offered us a few packs of Oreos as their group had too much food. AWWW. :') 

Marina Barrage is the perfect place for taking picturesque photos, or as most people now would put it, Instagram-worthy shots. 

Finally I managed a decent-looking jumpshot without looking too deranged.

Teaching my sis to fly a kite. 

She was so worried of letting go that she held the reel the wrong way and managed to tangle a whole bunch of strings. *facepalm*

As we were packing up our kite, I was approached by this guy who wanted to buy our kite as they didn't bring their own. The kite was actually a mini gift to my sibs from me, so my sibs were adamant that we don't sell it, not even if the guy offered twice the price which I got it for. Poor dude got rejected. :/

Act step only.

We headed down to the water playground and I decided to make stupid Kungfu poses. 

Obviously I got a few strange stares from curious tourists... 

Damn. It was tough and frightening just to balance on that spot in flip flops. 

We fooled around in the water playground, and got ourselves half-soaked. The wind was rather strong that day, so I thought it'd be wise leave the play area after a while and to dry ourselves before we end up catching a cold.

It was definitely a fun day! 

Marina Barrage
8 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018951
9.00am - 9.00pm daily
Free admission

1. You don't have to lug your heavy bottles over! Water coolers are available.
2. Bring along sunscreen for it might be hot. 
3. Insect repellants optional. For me, I didn't see any bugs around. 
4. You'll need a picnic mat. Grass might be damp on some days.
5. No showers are available there though.

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