Mob Mentality



I'm really hyped up about Playhouse 2014! It will be happening on 13 December, Saturday at the University Cultural Centre at National University of Singapore.

Playhouse is an annual tradition of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, which pits all 5 batches of students against each other to create 5 original plays. The script would be written by our talented batch mates, music composed by our budding musicians, dances choreographed by our awesome dancer friends and costumes, props, design all done by our artistic batchies. 

WOW. just mind-blowingly, amazingly WOW. 

Dance practices so far has been tough. We're done with the first two dances and left with the last! But practices will only resume next week (after our exams) and they'll last for the entire day for the entire week before our final performance. Intense much? 

It was like a whole-new journey of exploration for me. Contemporary dance was something I've never tried before, ever. The amount of control and expression was quite hard to achieve. I realised I really couldn't do spins and turns without feeling disoriented and off-balance. GARGH. Honestly I feel like a klutz. Hopefully I'll improve after more pracs (though there's isn't much time left).

Looking forward to next week! (Just Playhouse, and not my exams, for I haven't even started studying anatomy of the abdomen. Holy guacamole. I believe I'm screwed.)

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