on the roads!


Confession of the day: I'm a lousy driver.

Oh gosh I feel so bad. I took my dad's car out for a spin at Serangoon Gardens two weeks back and screwed up majorly. Throughout the whole ride, he went, "SLOW DOWN! Don't swing your steering wheel! Change lanes slowly and steadily! WAIT! Check your rearview mirror!"

Honestly. Though I've gotten my license in July, I can count with 2 bare hands how many times my dad actually allowed me to have the privilege of sitting in the driver's seat. I guess I couldn't blame him, considering that I spend more than 2 minutes doing vertical parking, and I've parallel parked the car's left back tyre onto the curb... Oops.

He wonders how the examiner even allowed me to pass my driving test. But hey, the car I drove then was an auto Toyota Vios, a much smaller car than the humongous family car that I'm driving now! Of course it was much easier to control. Well, that was just a way of self-consolation. 

Today I went for a drive again, and my mom was in the car with us. After the ride, she looked like she had been on a roller coaster, and then told me really firmly, "NO. I won't be allowing you to drive by yourself anytime soon." :( 

Frankly speaking, I don't think I'll be courageous enough to go out onto the roads by myself too. For starters, I don't know my way around Singapore. Hell, I don't even know how to drive to my current university. Even with the in-built GPS, I don't think I'll be able to manage. 

Secondly, I have no idea how to use the touch-screen GPS, which renders it pretty much useless.

Thirdly, even if I had miraculously managed to make my way safely to my destination, I would be at a loss at how to park the car. I'll just be sticking out like a sore thumb, hogging the lane in the carpark. I don't suppose you can get valets to help you park your car, right? 

Lastly, I don't even trust my driving skills. I doubt my friends would feel safe when they're in the car as I drive. 

I'm starting to think my driving license is just for show. There's hardly any chance I'll get to put my driving to use. I'll either have to improve my driving, or just be contented with getting fetched around by better drivers for the rest of my life. (And needless to say, I'll prefer the former!)

My new goal for my Dec holidays: brush up my driving skills!

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