Playhouse 2014


I can't believe Playhouse is over! It was a MINDBLOWINGLY awesome experience! I kind of missed performing on stage. I've never performed on stage ever since I graduated from RGS and left handbells. (Emceeing for the Residents' Committee events doesn't count.)

I even helped out for Ops! 

Check out the cool DIY Ikea chair we managed to assemble! I unleashed my artistic talents by painting pictures and even shaded a portrait! Am I cool yet? ;)

I realised Playhouse was a great bonding experience! House 4 Playhouse people went for badminton at ACSI after our rehearsal (Nat, Stef, Aru, Howard, me + Gerald, who wasn't really from Playhouse but joined us anyway), and we even had a prata/murtabak supper and sleepover (since full dress ended late and we needed to start early on the next day.)

8 pracs, 3 dances, and we nailed it! I'm really thankful for the bunch of fun and crazy dancers who survived the intense pracs sessions together with me in the stuffy KE dance studio (which had faulty air-con that don't work). Eleen and Irene are such talented choreographers! (And of course Mel and Jon, our heads, were nice and really responsible people.)

The Witch Doctor dance was mental! We were so in sync it was unbelievable! It was such an insane dance with crazily epic expressions! We went all out for it was the only time we could act deranged without getting judged by others. (We're supposedly mental patients from an asylum) Never thought it would be so fun to act crazy. haha. And we pulled off wearing flowery granny pyjamas with extreme swag.


The other sexy zombie dance was really fantastic too! No one forgot any moves! The girls were totally oozing sexiness.

Our final contemporary dance had a few misses here and there. I screwed up a turn for the pendulum swing, so I kind of stoned for a count before joining in again. Holyshit. I'm sorry. :( Some other dancers made mistakes too, so it wasn't as good as we wanted it to be.

STILL! I never once regretted joining playhouse dance! Next year I'll join dance again!

House 4 Playhouse people! (Ops, makeup, dancers, and actors)

It was tiring, but at least it added much spice into my med school life! It doesn't matter that our batch didn't manage to get the top 3 (at least Kenji clinched the award for best supporting actor), or that I've zonked out for the past 12 hours on my bed and I've even caught a cold from last week's intense and exhausting pracs. It was definitely worth it!

Playhouse 2015, I'll be there!

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