Simple Chicken Salad


Craving for a quick lunch without the hassle? A simple chicken salad will do the trick! With a preparation time of less than 10 minutes, it's perfect for busy people.

- Butterhead lettuce
- 1 Tomato 
- A slice of cheese
- 50g chicken breast
- Salt and pepper
- 1 chicken patty
- Thousand island dressings &/mayonnaise

1. Wash and tear a few pieces of butterhead lettuce. Cut tomato into slices.

2. Cut chicken breast and patty into cubes and toss in oiled saucepan for about a minute. Season with salt and pepper.

3. After placing the veggies and meat onto the plate, scatter cheese over. Microwave for a few seconds till the cheese melts. (The time depends on your microwave also. For mine, 15 seconds would do.)

4. Add thousand island dressing/ mayonnaise (or any other dressing of your choice. Olive oil and lemon juice works too!)

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