Jogs. Bananas. New year resolutions. Sloths. (eh what?)


Day 2 of 2015, and it's still way too early to not keep my new year resolutions.

So when my alarm rung at the ungodly (at least, to me) hour of 7.00am in the morning, I hit the snooze button, tossed to my other side, and promptly went back to sleep.

Thereafter, an internal battle ensued.

My mind was yelling at me, "GET UP OFF YOUR ASS YOU LAZY BUM, go for your morning jog!" but my body was dragging me down deep into the comforts of my cushy bed. Besides, such great weather warrants a few more minutes or hours in bed, right? I could almost hear the morning breeze whispering enticingly beside my ears.

Sheer determination overcame my slothy-ness and I've decided just standing barefooted on the cold hard ground would wake me enough so I won't flop back onto my bed like some boneless jellyfish.

THERE! Much better.

The 5.5km jog around the neighbourhood was pretty rejuvenating. It wasn't that tiring, given I had walked half of the entire distance... hehe. *sheepish grin*

I figured breakfast should be healthy too, so I made banana milkshake, the easiest, 5 min breakfast mix perfect for busy and lazy people attempting to stay fit.

Honestly it was quite filling. Guess I know what I'll have for every alternate day's breakfast!

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