Oblong Cafe at Serangoon Gardens


Serangoon Gardens is very much similar to Holland Village - many quaint little cafes, restaurants and shops selling all kinds of knick knacks are tucked within its narrow roads and winding alleys.

Oblong is one such cafe, selling ice-creams, pastries, and coffee. It's exterior isn't very eye-catching. It's easy to just walk by the shop front without sparing a second glance at it.

Nothing too gaudy or loud, it's overall design totally fits the chill, laid-back feel that Serangoon Gardens exudes.

Once you step into the cafe, you'll be greeted by a wall of colourful skateboards, Darth Vader (with an ice cream scoop) and a Stormtrooper. AHA. Welcome to the Dark Side.

At around 5pm on a weekday, the place is very much empty. Aside from a group of students and my friends, there were no other patrons. 

The randomly placed ukulele and magazines are available for customers to play and read, and makes us feel extremely at ease. Great place to chillax. :)

I love the minimalist industrial design of the place. The dark hues of the furniture and whitewashed walls made the ice cream parlour seem more spacious that it actually was. 

The glass board with their menu written in chalk further enhanced the "homey" feel of the cafe.

What's a visit to Oblong if you didn't manage to try their signature red velvet waffles with cream cheese?

Their waffles was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The only difference between their red velvet waffles and the typical waffles in other ice cream parlours would be the hint of chocolatey taste and the red food colouring. Well, at least it's a pretty, Instagram-worthy shot. 

The highlight of the waffles would definitely be their warm, moist cream cheese. It's comfortably sweet, and the cheesy flavour is not too overwhelming. It's complements the waffles perfectly! 

I got two scoops of ice cream - Cookies and Cream (which goes by some Cookie Monster name) and Earl Grey Lavender. Guess I wasn't feeling too adventurous that day. Some of their ice-cream flavours were pretty cool, like Asahi flavoured, rum, matcha, mao shan wang (durian), jackfruit flavoured and etc. 

Cookies and Cream was typically Cookies and Cream. No wow factor there.

Earl Grey Lavender had this really rich Earl Grey taste and I loved it! Its flavour was stronger than Creamier's version of Earl Grey Lavender. Thumbs up for that!

The cost of the waffles plus two scoops would be around SGD15. Definitely more expensive than Creamier too. They do offer promotional sets of a dessert (brownie/lava cake) and a drink at around SGD 10. 

Overall, it's a decent place to hang out with friends and enjoy a scoop or two occasionally.  I'll probably drop by there again if I happen to be around the area. 

Address: 10 Maju Avenue
Opening hours: 
Sun to Thu: 12.00 pm – 12.00 am 
Fri & Sat: 12.00 pm- 2.00 am

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