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Of course everyone knows what's Escape the Room. With the gaining popularity of the game, most places are offering real-life 5D experiences for puzzle-fanatics.

I've participated in one Escape the Room game during Medicamp (orientation camp for my faculty), then subsequently planned and organized a Halloween-themed Escape the Room with the members of my Youth Chapter. There, I know how tough it is to try to make the puzzle as convoluted and as confusing as possible. The hints have to be implicit, hidden in discreet places. But it's really fun to solve the hints and unlock the clues one by one. 

When PA extended an invitation for me to participate in a Youth Chapter members get-together session at RoomRaider, Orchard Central, of course I'd be thrilled to join! Homework and other commitments can wait for a few hours, surely. 

First thing as you walk into the place would be the mannequin in a full S.W.A.T gear. Apparently one of their themed rooms is "S.W.A.T". 

Then you'll see this huge, fluffy, cuddly bear, which goes by the name of "Cuddles". A key feature of another one of their themed rooms!

See how large it is? I can't even hold it up properly!

We were grouped randomly into teams of 7-8 and I was allocated to group 1. Alright... time to stop being an awkward turtle and socialise a little.

First room: Hyperion. Difficulty level: 4/5

We were supposedly members of a space mission team, Team Alpha, stranded on Hyperion base. We needed to find a charged energy source to allow our spaceship to get back to Earth within 45 minutes. Any help/hints provided will deduct 5 minutes from our available time.

When we walked into the room, it was rather cramped and dim. The smoke machine worsened the lighting in the room. I seriously felt a little claustrophobic. Due to the poor lighting, it was hard to spot the clues (We did find a clue to the next room, but was useless in unlocking the door). Unfortunately, we were stuck on the first code. Fine, we pressed the "Help" button for a staff to give us a hint to the 4 digit combination electronic key pad. Uhoh, bad start.

Then the next place. We solved the puzzle on our own but took really long. Still, A for effort.

Unlocked room 3, and managed to finish everything BUT the last code. We were THAT close to the end... It sucked watching the countdown timer run to 0:00. Once the staff came in and prompted us, we finally managed to escape. SIGHS. That wasn't impressive at all. I'd hate to admit it but I don't like feeling stuck on puzzles. My inferiority complex will surface. Despite managing to decode 2 locks, I still felt lousy. The high-tech props in the room fascinated me for quite a bit. It was much better thought out than the next room.

After a short tea break, we commenced the next game.

Second room: Dark Mansion. Difficulty level: 4.5/5

So. In this scenario, we were jewellery thieves in the 19th century, trying to steal the Star of Angola from a Baron's house.

The first room was unlocked easy enough, but the real killer was the clues in the second room. We tried flipping through books and reading the riddle. We got everything that was important, but we just couldn't piece them together. I'm actually pretty glad I had Elissa in my group. She's really smart, yet both of us were stumped by the puzzle because... we both forgot our Geography. We waited a little too long for help. When the staff explained to us again, we were like, "HOLY SHIT. It was RIGHT there! We had it all along, just that we read it the wrong way." *facepalm*

We escaped the room within 42 minutes, but the Help call made us exceed our new stipulated time by a little. Perhaps we should have sounded for help earlier. :/

Group 1 photo!

Full group photo!

It was a pretty cool experience overall, though I had expected a more professional room setup and reality kind of disappointed me a little. Still, I'd have to say that the games were really awesome for group bonding! The puzzles were rather challenging, and when you solve it, you'll be overwhelmed by an ineffable sense of satisfaction. 

Since this event was hosted by PA Youth Chapter division, it was Free-of-Charge for us members. We even got a Youth Chapter souvenir pack complete with Selfie stick (YESH! I've been wanting one for ages!), portable charger, USB drive, and etc stationery. YAYzers! :D

Address: 181 Orchard Road #05-45 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Tel: 6636 8470
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:30am to 10:30pm (Last game starts at 10pm)
Mon-Thurs: $22/game per person
Fri - Sun (and Public holidays): $28/game per person
Other rooms: Prison break, Where's Cuddles, S.W.A.T

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