Singapore Hawker Food Trail - Chomp Chomp Food Centre


I find it amazingly ironic that health-conscious medical students like my clinical group friends would release our inhibitions and go on such an unhealthy Hawker Food Trail adventure, stuffing ourselves full with cholesterol-laden but deliciously sinful gastronomical delights. 

Our next stop: Chomp Chomp Food Centre, located at 20 Kensington Park Road

Located in Serangoon Gardens, it's one of the best go-to places for local food in Singapore, despite the fact that the price of their food isn't exactly cheap. All of its stalls have multiple accolades, as can be seen from the various newspaper clippings plastered all over their shop fronts. 

It only springs to life in the late evenings, from around 5.30pm onwards. Owing to its small size, it's pretty hard to get seats, so I don't think Chomp Chomp is really suitable for large gatherings. 

At 6pm on a weekday night, it's already extremely crowded. If you've been to East Coast Park's food centre, you would be familiar with the ordering system here. First, you remember your table number, then you head over to order your dishes at the stalls. You may pay on the spot, or pay when the dish arrives at your table. 

The main highlight of Chomp Chomp would definitely be their satay, oft lauded by locals as the best satays in Singapore. 

There are 2 satay stalls in Chomp Chomp, Traditional Hai Nam Fang Yuen (傳統海南芳園沙爹) & Chomp Chomp Satay Bee Hoon. 

Satays go from $0.50 per stick with a minimum order of 10 sticks. This plate was from the Chomp Chomp Satay Bee Hoon stall. Later on, I went to get satays from Fang Yuen too. Fang Yuen's satays had a slightly spicier taste, with more flavour infused in it. I'd say Fang Yuen's satays taste better. Both stalls' peanut sauces taste equally delicious. 

Daily Fresh BBQ Chicken Wings

There are quite a few stalls in Chomp Chomp that sells bbq chicken wings ($1.20 per piece). I went to Daily Fresh. The wings are grilled to just the right consistency, with crispy skins, slightly charred tips and fleshy meat that oozes with each bite. However, I think that the flavour of the marinated sauce has not completely gone into the meat. The lime and the chilli sauce added some much needed zest to the entire dish. To me, I'd think that East Coast Park's chicken wings stall sells better tasting bbq wings.

Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuan Seafood Barbecue

I LOVE the bbq Stingray! For a $10 portion, it's really quite big. Tender meaty succulent stingray, topped with spicy sambal chilli, makes a great dining experience. 

Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Noodles

Ah Hock's Hokkien Mee ($5) is very much similar to Nam Sing Hokkien Mee at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Both utilises bee hoon (thin noodles), and both are the "drier" types without too much gravy. The noodles taste pretty good, especially if lime is sprinkled over the plate. However, we didn't get any pork lard in our dish. Apparently we have to ask for it due to health reasons

Truth be told, I'd say that I'd rate Nam Sing's Hokkien Mee above Ah Hock's for the savoury flavour of the prawn stock is more distinct for Nam Sing's.

Overall, it was still an awesomely satisfying dinner, despite us stinking of bbq when we left Chomp Chomp.

Time for an insane workout session to get rid of the calories gained on our foodie adventures!

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