Boston Seafood Shack Review


Fish and Co., Manhattan's Fish Market and Boston Seafood Shack. Their similarity? All of them serve Western-styled seafood.

Even on a weekend night, Boston Seafood Shack (Tampines outlet) was not crowded. Their interior gives off the same chill vibes like Fish and Co's.

Industrial furniture. Check. Simple but cozy colour scheme. Check. 

It's definitely a nice restaurant for a casual get-together meal with friends or family.

Their dishes offered on the menu are mostly typical and run-of-the-mill. Without the fancy-schmancy naming, it's basically just fish and chips and seafood platters. They do have a few chef's recommendations though.

Digression: Here's a pre-meal wefie since I was trying out the front-facing camera of my new Sony Xperia Z3 phone. (haha. kidding. I just needed a legit excuse to take a selfie.)

First up, Boston Premium Lobstah Roll ($14).

Yes indeed. It is not just visually tantalising, it's gastronomically pleasing too. My dad was raving about the generous portions of chunky lobster meat, creamy mayonnaise and the crispy roll. 

Next, we had the Grilled Seafood Platter ($26). Their grilled red snapper, prawns, calamari, corn and buttered rice provided a great variety, unlike other normal seafood platters where everything is just fried,  deep-fried or drenched-in-oil fried (BO-RING -.-) Personally, I thought the buttered rice had a rather unique taste that reminded me of olive rice and Thai pineapple rice at the same time. The tiger prawns were really huge and succulent too. 

Then, we had the Lobster Linguine with Pepper Cream sauce, coupled with the Citrus refresher drink in a set. ($17.90) That was a seasonal special. 

The linguine was just a little bit short of the al dente feel (Perhaps it was drained half a minute earlier?) I enjoyed the juicy chunks of lobster meat though, and thought that the black pepper cream was sufficiently rich and buttery.

Drinks-wise, I was expecting some lime juice, lemonade, orange juice or something along these lines. It tasted like those lime-flavoured Sprite soft drinks, with an added lime slice. So much for creativity. :/

Presenting the Premium Batter Fish and Chips - Wild Snapper ($15) served with fries, coleslaw, tartar dressing and malt vinegar. According to the menu, it was supposed to be firm and flaky with a sweet flavour.

It really does look like a kiddy meal, and the portion seem disproportionately small. The fish tasted normal. Nah, nothing spectacular. At least the fries were crisp, piping hot and super addictive.

Here goes the Carribean Feast (serves 2), with calamari, prawns, oyster, fish and chips and the usual sides of fries, coleslaw, tartar and malt vinegar.

As an oyster-junkie, I couldn't resist nicking a few out of my brother's basket. However, I have to say that the moistness and soft tender taste that defines delicious fresh oysters are gone the moment the oysters were dunked in the hot oil for frying. What disappointment. :( This platter was totally unhealthy-fried-food overload. I bet chylomicrons will be working overdrive after this super fatty meal.

In conclusion, Boston Seafood Shack is pretty average (and not quite as bad as the internet puts it out to be.) Your meal experience will greatly depend on the food you order. (I would recommend #1 & #2, the lobster roll and seafood platter respectively). Service was efficient due to the small number of diners present and it was definitely easy getting seats.

Would I head back again? Probably not, since the dishes aren't exactly memorable enough for me to be back for seconds. But if I'm around the area with friends and we need a nice spot to chill and chat, then yes.

Tampines Mall

#B1-02 Tampines Mall 
4 Tampines Central 5 
Singapore  529510 
Tel: 6789 6166

(UPDATE*The branch at Tampines Mall had closed down when I passed by in Nov 2015. Their other outlet is at 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-46 The Star Vista, 138617)

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  1. Thanks for giving reviews of Boston restaurants. Actually, I never tried seafood .but after reading your article; I feel that I should try food of this restaurant once. Can you send me venue details?

  2. Hello, this restaurant is located in Singapore but their seafood dishes are cooked in Boston's style, hence the name.

    It has a few branches around the island:

    Buona Vista #01-46
    The Star Vista
    Singapore 138617
    Tel: 6694 3984

    Tampines Mall #B1-02
    Singapore 529510
    Tel: 6789 6166

    1. Well Fabulous, Long john sea food also great one