Chinese New Year 2015



It's a legit reason for me to:

1. Go shopping

2. Nua around being a couch potato/lazyass

3. Get "rich" from all the angpow money

4. Stuff myself with food (without getting too guilty about ignoring my diet. #screwcountingcalories #whatisatkins #可以吃的吗)

5. Have fun with the family #whatisca3 #fun>exams #muggerlifeisover

CNY provides many instagram-worthy moments!

Such as that of our reunion dinner. :)

OMNOMZ. So proud of my creations, the seared scallops, braised abalone and deep fried spring rolls.

In Singapore, every Chinese New Year, locals and tourists alike will flock to River Angpow (春到河畔) to bask in the festive atmosphere. My family went on the 4th day of CNY.

It was crazily crowded. People were just jostling, elbowing and nudging each other along. I spotted many people grabbing onto their selfie sticks and taking selfies. Too bad I left mine at home that day. :(

As this year commemorates 50 years of nation-building, there were specific exhibits dedicated to SG 50. 

At the entrance.

On the floating platform.

The crowd deterred my family from heading over to the stage to watch the performances. I've had enough of getting pushed around by old aunties. I didn't really want to end up in a place full of sweaty people pressing too close together for my comfort. Also, it's tough navigating through such precarious terrain in heels. 

Gorgeous peacocks.

The God of Fortune. :)

Of course there are stalls around the vicinity selling souvenirs and food.

Singapore Food Street. I was too full from my dinner, so I decided to give it a pass. 

A mini carnival with kiddy rides. Uncle Ringo brings back fond childhood memories.

I remember when I was in primary school, and there was a Pasar Malam in my neighbourhood, I would drag my parents to walk around the area with me and ask them to get me Otahs, Takoyakis and grilled sausages. There would always be an Uncle Ringo fair, with all the rides that seemed wonderfully fun to 7-year-old me. My dad would buy me the tokens for the rides, and I would very enthusiastically go on my favourite rides: The spinning contraption (like the one in the photo), the mini pirate ship (now that I think of it, that was no kick at all), and the swinging chairs. Ah those memories.

Eventually, the jostling got too much for us to handle and we went back to the Esplanade.

Have I mentioned how beautiful it is at night?

Marina Bay Sands was having some sort of laser display on that night. 

And we caught a performance at The Concourse of the Esplanade. It was amazing music from the group, for they combined traditional Chinese New Year songs with Western elements and played it using Western instruments. Glad to see that the industry is supportive of local talents! :)

At Raffles City, we also managed to watch a performance by these 2 super talented ladies. I loved how music seemed to flow so elegantly from their fingertips. 

That's the end of my family's CNY outing to Singapore River! 

Our post-dinner selfie at Raffles City. Haha. 

Post-CNY, I will be having my second last exam of my M1 year. So not looking forward to it. (And I know I should be mugging while I'm typing this but procrastination sounds like a much better plan for now.) 

Guess I have no more excuse to stay away from my anatomy notes. :(

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