LawMed 2015


After a few weeks of LawMed dance pracs (on top of our pre-exams mugging and school work and a shitload of other commitments), IT WAS FINALLY SHOW TIME on 25 February 2015. 

It was a really fun experience for me making new friends and learning new moves, somewhat like Playhouse (albeit less intense). It felt pretty awesome dancing with all the uber cool and pro dancers like Mayo, Dawne, Wei Hing and co. I remember in those JC days when I'd constantly be in awe of all the performances put up by them Street Dancers. *fangirl mode activated* 

I think I was super envious of my friends around me who thoroughly enjoyed themselves dancing (like Silvieee, Cherie, May, and Alien etc) that I kind of regretted not auditioning for any Performing Arts in JC. Maybe 8 years of being stuck in a Performing Arts CCA made me sick of the stage? haha. Since primary school, it was Dance, then Handbells. Hmm. Or perhaps I just hated stage make-up in general, especially those ridiculously crimson blushes that you would be forced to smear on your face, and those flamboyantly bright eyeshadows. *shudders*

Thank goodness my initial extreme noobness and lousy hand-eye coordination has improved with time and practise. After a long hiatus from dancing, I picked it up again last year! :) Looking forward to more Street Jazz open classes once CA3 is over!

Here's a really sweet group photo. Dawne, Mayo and Wei Hing even wrote us personalised messages and got us welfare packs. AWW so touched! :')

House 4 LawMed dancers! Or are we Kungfu Warriors instead? #honestas(s)kickingsomeass #finallyuppedmypungame

Pre-performance part-House-4 photo!

AND... our performance video! (The venue was pretty small though. We were expecting a field or something. Ah well, we just made do with whatever we had.)

In case you were wondering, Team Medicine won LawMed 2015. YAYY XD

Definitely going to join more dance activities in future! Uni is the time to go all-out! I've had enough of "hermitting" in JC. LEGGO~

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