Osaka Ohsho Review


おはよう! (Morning!)

I've meant to write this post for quite some time but stuff kept cropping up. (Think CA3 mugging preparations, LawMed dance practices and house gatherings).

Finally, I've decided I need a break from all the burying-my-face-in-the-humongous-mountain-of-medical-books-and-praying-osmosis-works-for-knowledge-transfer. 

It happened that my family was strolling around the CBD area a while ago and we came across this really interesting Japanese restaurant at the basement of Raffles City. 

There were absolutely cute plastic model replicas of their set meals on display at their entrance and those definitely attracted our attention. My inquisitive bro tried to sneakily prod a gyoza (and of course it's fake) and then grimaced in disappointment upon finding out that it's hard and non-squishy.

It's always nice to try something new, and we actually like Japanese cuisine, so we decided to give Osaka Ohsho a shot. 

Its interior design was basic and the tones were warm. It reminded me of a fast-food restaurant. 

Customers get to order their meals via an iPad, which greatly expedites the entire ordering system. No more waving your arms around and waiting for servers to come over to your table! :)

The food was delivered to our table in quite a short time. Kudos for their efficient service! 

Apparently, Osaka Ohsho specializes in gyoza, and a meal experience there wouldn't be complete without trying their signature gyoza. 

I had their Gyoka Ramen Set ($11.90) and dug into their gyoza first. It was delightfully tasty - the pan-fried gyoza had perfect, thin, crisp skin and juicy, fresh fillings with cabbage, garlic and pork. I loved dipping those gyozas in the restaurant's vinegar-soy-sauce mixture. 

The ramen soup doesn't have that mind-blowing umami taste, but its simple unobtrusive flavour bought me over. The taste just lingers at the back of your mouth, if you get what I mean. I was quite glad that the ramen was springy, and to quote Chinese foodies, it has got that "QQ" feel. Of course it can't beat the ramen from Yoshimaru...

For the rest of the set meals, I nicked mouthfuls here and there from my family. >.<

The Mix Fry Set ($15.90) wasn't very good, despite its price. It was just tempura prawns with fried Japanese chicken nuggets and some tartar sauce. It sure doesn't go well with rice. I thought Japanese meals come with Miso soup but they only had a basic egg drop soup that didn't really appeal to me.

The Pork Ginger and Fried Chicken Set ($14.90) was a decent set. The taste of ginger was infused into the tender pork and it was quite well-done. However, the sides seem a little too dry for eating with the rice. More gravy would be a nice improvement. 

The Fried Chicken and Pork with Green Pepper ($14.90) was a disappointment too. Though the chicken was thinly sliced, it lacked the tender succulence and was quite tough to chew on. Same with almost all the other dishes, there was not much gravy here.

The Mabo Tofu and Double Cooked Pork Set ($14.90) was one of their better set meals. One would be wondering though. What is a Chinese dish doing in a Japanese restaurant? This is probably a specialty of Osaka Ohsho. There is a fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, and there are a few Chuka Chinese-inspired dishes on their menu. 

The double-cooked pork was really nice and I loved the mixture of veggies in the side dish. The Mabo Tofu had a strong bean-paste smell (that I didn't exactly like much) but the thick gravy and silky tofu complemented each other well enough. At least the slight spiciness of the dish makes it a great appetiser and the gravy helps make your rice less dry.

The Black Vinegar Fried Chicken Set ($15.90) had a nice crispy outer layer and a tender inside drenched with sweet and sour vinegar sauce, but it faced the same problem as the other sides. It was too dry. BLEUGH. 

Overall, I would say that it was an average dining experience at Osaka Ohsho. The ease of getting tables, the efficient service, and the awesome gyozas are sure to be lauded. However, I didn't really enjoy the other side dishes in the set meals (besides the Ramen and Mabo Tofu sets). The prices of the set meals are a little steep for their quality (perhaps buying just the gyozas would be more worthwhile.) 

#B1-75 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103 (Raffles City MRT)

Tel: +65 6338 5584
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:45pm

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