Valentine's & Kingsman: The Secret Service movie


The last day of the week happened to be Valentine's. In secondary school or JC, the romantic atmosphere didn't quite kick in (I guess most of us were too young for dating, it was mainly Friendship Appreciation Day for us), but in university, everything comes full blown. 

Roses, chocolates, balloons and telegrams were on sale, different groups were handing out free chocolates like Halloween came early, heart-sy decorations were all around, and even the Welfare Committee decided to give out free welfare packs for all of us (POsh brownies and marigold yogurt).

As a grateful bestie, obviously I'll get a rose for my dearie Stef. :) All proceeds for the roses were going to go to a good cause (for OCIP projects) anyway. I was honestly pretty surprised when she turned up with a rose for me outside the library too! AWWW. And her nutella cookies were awesome! Cookies made with love are the most sumptuous snacks ever. 

My flowers for the day! I didn't really place much emphasis on the colours and their significance but apparently yellow means "friend zoned", pink means "potential" and red means "love"?

Along the covered pathways from the Science canteen back to the MD6 building, I spotted this dope-ass decoration. A lyric quote from "Just the way you are". :)

I had way too much chocolates, cookies and sweets on Friday. Thinking about the sheer amount of calories I've gained in that single day frightens me to no end. 

Post-classes, we went for Kingsman: The Secret Service, a free movie welfare initiative by the Dean's Office at VivoCity. 

It was an explosively fine, sadistically violent and kick-ass movie. 

I've always had a soft spot for spy movies and novels. James Bond, Alex Rider and the like. The fast-paced action, convoluting plot twists and ingenious ideas never fail to amaze me. 

Kingsman was unique. It was so psychotically violent that it made me border on the edge of cringing in disgust and peeking out through my finger slits in curiosity simultaneously. What mixed feelings. 

It's almost like some apocalyptic movie showcasing mass destruction and mindless slaughter. Coupled with the comical disco/pyrotechnics effects and cheery music, it's just insanely weird, so much so that I found it comical. 

The plot, in a nutshell, is about a young man, Eggsy, who is pretty much down in the dumps. He belongs to the group of people who got screwed up majorly by society, and to quote the movie, he was a "pleb" - dealing with drugs, having juvenile records and going nowhere with his life. His life took a major turn when he was unknowingly "recruited" into Kingsman, a stand-alone intelligence organisation of superspies which his dead father belonged to. His mentor, Harry Hart, codenamed Galahad, took him under his wing and served as his fatherly figure to replace his petty, abusive, gangster stepfather. Surprisingly, Eggsy made through an impossible training/elimination programme to the last 2 finalists, and he saves the world by stopping a diabolical plan by tech billionaire Valentine (much like an evil genius version of Steve Jobs with a lisp) to destroy the world. 

The pure mayhem, pandemonium, chaos was epic. The scenes of all-out insanity and mobbing was URGH. I'm so exasperated I can't even find an appropriate adjective to describe it. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the scene when a London double-decker spun across the road to bowl down pedestrians like some kind of sick and twisted game of human domino/bowling. 

In every single spy movie, there are awesomely cool spy gadgets, like the bullet-proof umbrella:

And of course, who can resist hot spies in suits? ;)

Kingsman had so much British references, what with the King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table codenames and their fancy dapper gentlemen-image.

The movie, despite its perverse carnage and over-the-top combat moves, managed to be deliriously entertaining and send across a theme about social class - how OxBridge backgrounds doesn't define a real gentlemen. Behaviour, manners, and pride about appearances can lift you above your social class, true to Harry Hart's motto, "Manners Maketh Man". 

Still, gender stereotypes persist. Eggsy's mom was caught in domestic abuse and the Swedish princess was viewed as a "prize" after Eggsy "saved the world". The only female character who was strong, courageous, smart and able to hold her own was Roxy, Eggsy's friend and another newly-recruited Kingsman agent. 

Maybe we shouldn't delve too deeply into such film analysis for movies are for entertainment after all. 

It's an M18 movie so I suppose it's fair enough warning for the characters' significant amounts of swearing, maniacally violent scenes of people bludgeoning, stabbing, shooting and blowing up one another, and the sexual references that you'd expect to get throughout the entire show. 

Anyway, Kingsman is still a pretty memorable action flick, and won me over. 

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