Varsity Voices 2015


For the entire week, I was looking forward to Friday.

TGIF! Finally I could take a breather from school, catch up with my besties (hear some amazingly delightful news) and go for Jia Qi's performance!

Stef and I met Jes at Buona Vista and on our entire journey to Raffles City, we were bursting with anticipation and excitement. BUT good stories don't start until everyone's here.

The 3 of us were quite early, so we hobo-ed around the basement, ogled at good food, tried free food samples (haha. cheapo aunties >.<) We were so tempted to just get the desserts for dinner but... FATS. At least us future doctors have to be slightly more health-conscious.

Deciding that the food court would be a better place for us to catch up (and a more budget-friendly option), we set up our "interrogation room/ storytelling corner" there. Clauds came with a pretty bouquet of flowers for our STAR of the night, Jia Qi.

We cracked some really lame nerdy jokes involving "SRY genes" and "vas deferens/ vast difference" while waiting for Chen Ting to turn up. Jes was literally jumping about in her seat trying to contain her excitement and glee.

When Chen Ting finally came, we commenced our interrogation/storytelling immediately. It must have been ridiculously funny seeing how we squealed after every single sentence and snatched around each other's phones trying to "stalk" the people in question. (Clauds, "Your 2 minutes are up! My turn to see the photos!")

I'm really so glad for my friends who have found their <3. I feel like some proud mom already. :')

Jes couldn't join us for the concert so we took a group photo before she left.

Before we went in for the concert, I couldn't resist the opportunity to pose with the pretty bouquet. At least I could take "pretend-demure" pics!

Failed shot #1. I look like I'm allergic to pollen and sneezing. Bet I got judged majorly by the rest of the people milling around Esplanade.

Successful shoot #2! YAY Chen Ting is an amazing photographer!

We headed into the concert hall right on time and sneakily snapped some pictures. XD

Cam-whoring before the concert. Poor guy to Stef's left had her hand stuck in front of his face when she was attempting the group shot. (She didn't even notice. Oops. hahaha.)

And more photos! We were so unglam doing all the retarded expressions. I really love this bunch of friends whom I can do insane stuff with and they don't even judge. much. :) 

It feels so liberating just being able to express myself and get back to my frank, crazy, auntie, lame, weird self. In uni, I've always suppressed my real self for fear of getting judged by others. To be honest, I have to say that there are quite a lot of judgemental people in my faculty. Of course I wouldn't want to be the topic of their discussion, so naturally, I would behave normally, be a boring person (hide away my fun/eccentric side) and do extremely socially acceptable things.

Grand-looking concert hall. The sound system is really awesome for this place. I remember being at the Esplanade to watch Raffles Institution's Symphonic Band's concert and a Shakespearean play, The Tempest, last time.

When the choir members came out, we were trying so hard to spot Jia Qi and Jia Le. We managed to differentiate them and find them from so far behind! Achievement unlocked!

The songs were melodious and nice but I was slightly disappointed that I didn't recognise a single song. I have been hoping for Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera themes or at least some classical pieces that are familiar to me. I could say my favourite piece was She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways, a poignant-sounding song with a melody that's soothing and lilting. 

Post-performance, we grabbed Jia Qi for some photos. 

We're all so proud of her first successful choir performance! 

Since Jia Qi missed our storytelling, we had to repeat everything again. I still can't help "ooh-ing" and  "ah-ing" at appropriate moments. It's so sweet we're all getting diabetes from hearing the story again!

Sadly, we couldn't stay long (or public transport would have ceased operating and we'd be stranded at Esplanade). 

It was a magical night with the girls! They cheered me up loads and I'm really looking forward to our next outing together! :)

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