Fat Boy's The Burger Bar Review


Forget about Carl's Junior, Burger King or any other burgers from typical fast food chains.

Fat Boy's Burgers - THIS is what I call a truly decent, satisfying burger. 

Their customise-it-yourself concept is perfect for fussy eaters who like picking out sesame seeds from their burger buns (ahem. Sorry, that's me) or pulling out all the onion bits. You can choose your own type of buns, meat patties, sauces and condiments! You'll be spoilt for choice!

It would be slightly more expensive to build your own burgers but thankfully for us, when my group of friends reached Fat Boy's, they were having a lunch set promotion going at $10 nett, inclusive of burgers, fries and a drink!

The interior of the joint isn't exactly spacious but it's fine. It can easily accommodate a large group of around 12 people for the tables can be joined together. 

I find their logo quite funky and cute.

As we reached there at around 11.40am, the place was still rather empty and the lunch crowd wasn't there yet.

I chose their Homemade Lemon Tea and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. There was a mildly sweet aftertaste, with none of the teeth-grating feel of the normal iced lemon tea. 

For my burger, I ordered the Royale with Cheese and topped up my regular fries to truffle fries (for an additional $3).

It is a classic cheeseburger and really puts the CLASSIC in the title. I have to admit that I am a troublesome eater. I hate sesame seeds on my burger buns, but this time round, surprisingly, I didn't mind the sesame seeds on the bun at all. Perhaps it's because the seeds are delightfully crunchy and fragrant. :)

The buns were slightly crispy on the edges, and soft on the inside, which made it quite interesting to chew on. The aged cheddar, special BBQ sauce and onion marmalade were nice additions to complement the burger. I would have enjoyed it more if there were more sauce and cheese though. 

As the entire burger was too fat to be able to fit into my mouth like how you would eat a normal burger, I had to disassemble it using a fork and a knife. The highlight of the burger will definitely be its medium rare beef patty. The portion was pretty generous, and damn, the inside of the patty was so juicy and delicious that I had a whole new perspective on burger patties in general! 

I had truffle fries for the first time ever, so I don't have a benchmark for what constitutes a good side of truffle fries. Anyway, their truffle fries had a mild smokey earthy taste that was rather unique. However, I found it a little too oily for my liking and I would have liked a bit more parmesan cheese, thank you very much. 

Here's my attempt at an instagram-worthy shot. 

And finally, our group photo, to mark our first successful inter-clinical group (CG 29 & 30) bonding session. :) 

I would say that the money was well-spent for the quality of food and service that we've got. Where else can you get such an awesome steal? I mean, $10 for all these is AMAZING! 

I'll be back for more visits! 

122 Pasir Panjang Road

Other branches

187 Upper Thomson Road

465 Joo Chiat Road

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road 

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