Festival of Colours. Festival of Love! I became an honorary Indian today by celebrating Holi with the rest of the neighbourhood!

Check out my ammo!

It's like Colour Run minus the running. Just throw in a bit of Hindi music, some Bollywood dancing and TAADAA!

I joined in for the dance, I did! I really tried my best following their steps but in the end, I think I looked more like I was doing the "EHWAH EHWAH EHWAH" clubbing-style of dancing. HAHA.

It's amazingly fun sprinkling coloured powder on each other, smearing their faces, and spraying water all over.

I can't believe I got attacked when all the little kids ganged up and starting targeting me. OHDEAR. HAHA. Powder was flying everywhere and I ended up with blue and pink teeth and hair. I must have looked real exotic and tribal-like menacing then. >.<

Buh-bye originally-white-but-now-rainbow-coloured shirt.

I tried the traditional Holi drink (Thandai) and food, gujiya and chaat. It was actually quite yummy.

Also, I made popcorn for the first time (RC volunteer duties)! Guess that could be my plan B in life.

Awesomest shit ever! I felt like a three-year-old-let-loose-in-a-candy-store!

OH OH OH! It's popping! It's exploding! HAHA! XD


It was so cute when all the little kids started queuing up and asking me with puppy eyes, "Jiejie, when will the popcorn be ready? I want the sweet sweet one."

They even posed for me! AWWWW.

I went home with a whole deal more joyous, more knowledgeable about Holi and of course, more colourful!

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