As I scrawled the last word at the very end of my ethics essay, I was overwhelmed by a sense of jubilation!


Freedom at last! 

Finally I get a decent week's of rest. A true recess week with minimal "back-to-school" time. 

Adieu eye bags! 

I can now vindictively cross out "CA3" from my Exams list, go for some fun outings, and start stashing aside all my notes where I wouldn't be troubled by the sight of them. Please. At least spare me some time for self-denial before I head back into mugger-mode before my first Professional Exams in end April.

Post-exam celebration warrants an extremely unhealthy meal that will set off red alert alarms in my strict diet plan. No damns are given. Exams are strictly exceptions. 

Welcome to the guided tour along my gastrointestinal tract, Feesh and Cheese! 
(Manhattan Fish Market was having their student's special 1-for-1 lunch promotion.)

Say hi to all the pancreatic lipase, chylomicrons, lipoprotein lipase and adipocytes in my body. At least there's some use of studying Biochemistry (so I can go throwing around such technical terms and win everyone at scrabble.) What? That's cheating, you say? Nahhh. Anything that works, works.

In the end I didn't manage to go for the Teoheng Karaoke session. RC commitments take priority. It'll reflect quite badly if I missed this official event meeting just to go party. Anyway, planning for a HUGE SG50 event with the PM as Guest-of-Honour is no mean feat.

I need to do more research for the event! Sighs. So much for a sweet post-exam break. :(

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