The Final Farewell


In life, Mr Lee Kuan Yew brought Singaporeans together, and even in death, he united us all once again. The outpouring of grief in the days after his passing was overwhelming. I couldn't help tearing at the touching video tributes on various forms of media. 

It was heartwarming to see appreciative Singaporeans and foreigners alike streaming to the Parliament House to pay their final respects to the great man who had built Singapore. Acts of kindness were abound. The crowds to Parliament House were so massive that the government had to divert people to community tribute sites instead.

I headed to the Ang Mo Kio GRC - Sengkang West SMC Community Tribute last night.

 The solemn atmosphere, expressions of grief, lethargic faces of volunteers and the occasional tearing of the public cast a gloom over the place.

The public penned down their condolences and heartfelt messages on condolences books and message boards. 

I had so much to say, but no amount of words could even express my respect and gratitude for our founding father. He was such a courageous man who firmly stood by his beliefs, delivered everything he promised, and took to heart all the voices of the people from the ground. I believe he viewed Singapore as his dear child, and all her people as family. He must have been the greatest alumni Raffles Institution ever had and he fully epitomises the school's motto, "Auspicium Melioris Aevi". It's truly an honour to share the same alma mater as a legendary figure like him. 

Sunday. This is our final farewell to Mr Lee Kuan Yew before he is finally going to be laid to rest. Even the skies are crying. 

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