The Roti Prata House & Rochor Beancurd House


Who said pratas are only for supper?

Upper Thomson Road houses many famous cafes and eateries, one of which is The Roti Prata House, a hot favourite among students and working adults alike.

In my 2 years studying in Marymount, I can't believe I've never had the chance to try out the prata there! Finally, as a J4, I'm back at Marymount again... for the prata.

Oh the nostalgia when I see the all-too-familar green and white uniform of my juniors. The depressing feeling of being old strikes me more often nowadays.

I ordered a Mushroom Cheese Prata ($4.50) , a House Special, that came with a plate of curry.

But before we tuck in, hang on, let me take a nice photo of our food.

Look at Marcus' expression! Too impatient to wait for Yijun and me to finish our artistic arrangement of the food + instagramming. 

It sure looks tantalising. 

The prata (mine was in the green plate) was crispy and I loved how the melted cheese oozed out of the layers. There was a generous portion of button mushrooms. Anything decent-tasting with mushrooms and cheese would definitely get a thumbs-up from me. (That's just me being biased since I belong to the "Mushroom and cheese" fan club.) However, the curry wasn't as thick as I would have liked it to be. 

CG photo! 

Then we headed to Rochor Beancurd House for some desserts.

TAU HUAY ($1.40)! 

Though it was a cold day and drizzling, I still prefer my tau huay cold. The bean curd was soft and silky, but the taste of sugar syrup got a little too overwhelming near the end. Still, it was nice-enough tau huay. 

We walked by so many other eateries but we were too full to continue. I guess that calls for a trip #2 to Upper Thomson Road! 

The Roti Prata House
Location: 246 Upper Thomson Road
Opening hours: Fri to Sat: 24 hours
                          Sun to Thu: 7.00am - 2.00am

Rochor Beancurd House
Location: 232 Upper Thomson Road
Opening hours: 1pm - 3am daily

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