Eighteen Chefs


When stressed, go have some good food.
Wise words from me. I belong to the group of people called emotional eaters. Stressed? Munching will make you feel so much better. Sad? There, go have some ice-cream. Frustrated? Go chomp on some chips.

Spots was slightly unexpected. I was mentally kicking myself for some really idiotic careless mistakes. I had no idea what was going through my mind when I wrote those ridiculous answers. GARGH. Looking back, I realised I must have been awfully confused at that point of time. Anyway, one paper down, three more to go. Post-Spots calls for a mid-pros break, and what's better than a mini celebratory meal with my dearest Mom?

Eighteen Chefs sounded decent. Guess it isn't too late to try their food now.

First thing that struck me was their choice of music. Heavy metal rocker style. Avenged Sevenfold-ish vibes. I was surprised my mom didn't cringe at the music, since she's more of the slow classical music type of person.

I thought that the cartoonish-pictures and the vibrant colours on the wall were pretty cute.

FOOD, glorious FOOD. 

Homemade Iced Lemon Tea, mushroom soup, garlic bread, black-pepper cheese-baked rice with mushrooms and double chicken sausage, and a well-done striploin steak. I went on to top up my meal with raspberries and vanilla ice-cream waffles.

A commendable attempt at taking artistic food photos, I would say. *shamelessly boosting my own ego*

The striploin steak was a little too tough, but it's still palatable, which is pretty much what's expected for the price. The side of vegetables was slightly bland, but dipping them into the sauce helped improve the taste.

I loved their cheesy baked rice. Imagine the joy when you see the strands of melted cheese clinging onto the edges of your fork! How they turn into gold, fine, silk-like strings as you pull your cutlery from the depths of the dish. The soft delightful texture as they gently envelope the grains of rice, and complement the slight spiciness of the black pepper sauce. (alright, I exaggerate. But seriously, their baked rice is awesome. Any place which gives me such generous amounts of cheese will earn my undying love and loyalty.)

Their ice lemon tea reminded me of Fat Boy's. Unobtrusively mild and sweet. I thought the drinking jar was rather quaint and interesting.

I can't believe I was already 9/10 full even before my waffles was ready. It's a sin to not leave any room for dessert.

Their waffle base was entirely fluffy and soft. I prefer waffle bases with a crusty outer layer and soft insides, so I was slightly disappointed that the ice cream and waffles weren't that memorable.

Business was booming for Eighteen Chefs on a weekday afternoon, so it's understandable that service was slow (and I had to wait for close to 15 minutes for my dessert.)

At least the meal was wallet-friendly and I had enough moolah for more shopping!

HEHE. I trust my mom's fashion sense. It's 1274639348x better than mine. I'll walk along the aisles, point at some skirt/ dress/ top, and then my mom would give her verdict. Most often than not, she'll tsk and tell me it's not suitable for me. Fine. :(

Finally, I managed to get some loot but still didn't find my baggy dance pants. Sighs. The shops only had dark grey but I wanted black. T___T

It was a nice break from mugging but now it's time to face reality again! 15 more days to freedom.

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