It would be nice if there was a pause and rewind button somewhere in life. Preferably a mute button added in for good measure.

I would very much like to tell myself I'm tough, and that I can deal with whatever shit life throws in my path, but there's just this much a not-yet-twenty-years-old-girl can handle. Goodness, I'm not even legally an adult yet.

It's amazing how quickly time passes. It seemed like it was only yesterday when I first started as a Year 1 Med student. *Zap.* Year 1 is over now. Just like that. (Well, not technically over, since I still have to finish my final exams which are coming in less than a month's time.)

When the stress accumulates, it shows really obviously. I'll start getting flustered and slightly cranky, holing up in my room (with occasional forages out of my habitat to seek for sustenance). Any form of disturbances would be unwelcome and I will become the grouch. Literally.

Thankfully, my awesome parents will always notice when things seem a little off and they dragged me out of the house for short respites from my mugging. 

SEOUL GARDEN. Really. Food is the best therapy. 

MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! Prefect for my Atkins diet! PILE ON THE PROTEINS!!!

OOPS the cholesterol.


VEGGIES and eggs!

I only stole the sushi from my siblings to snap photos. Didn't eat them. :(

Sneaked a few fried gyozas though.

DESSERTS! Sinful pleasures.

Then, on another no-school day, we went out for some retail therapy and watched a movie!

We walked past GV and I think I stared pretty wistfully at the movie posters. My parents thought we should have a spontaneous movie outing. I didn't really want to be a lightbulb (and I preferred Cinderella over Fast and Furious 7), so I left my parents on their little movie date. :)

I must still be a little girl at heart, so that explains how magic, Princesses, Princes and kingdoms far far away still appealed to me. 

Undeniably, the remake of Cinderella did have a certain magic to it. The effects were mindblowingly enchanting, the soundtrack was beautiful, and the characters gorgeous. It was like re-living my childhood. :')

Favourite quote from the movie?
Have courage and be kind.

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