Cos it's SUMMER!


Such liberation! 

I absolutely LOVE summer holidays!


Yes, it's a selfie with my vain sis in front of a mirror in the mall.

Sinfully deliciously desserts.


And experiments in the kitchen for honing my culinary skills.

I went back to dance classes (and decided to be adventurous and joined the Girls' Hip Hop class.) OMY. I just barely survived since the months of mugging for exams had caused my hand-eye coordination to deteriorate again. Thank goodness Denise went for dance with me so it was more fun and less awkward. I've decided to spam lessons during the holidays, so I'll be showing up at least twice a week for classes. :) My class credits are going to be burned up really fast!

After all the gluttony, at least I tried to be fit, and played badminton with Stef, Howard, Gerald, Nat and Aru back in the MPSH in school. It was a day right after I gymmed for 2 hours straight with Jana at her place. OUCH my quads were aching like mad. But It felt GREAT entering the MPSH without having anything to do with exams for once.

AND I went for my first LAN session. L4D was actually pretty fun! Though I have to admit I was a pretty lousy zombie, I wasn't that noob as a human survivor. At least I survived the games (thanks to pro experienced teammates who resuscitated me) and had a rather decent number of kills. Hehheh. 

Before my overseas trip, guess I'll be trying my best to burn off as many calories as possible (so that I can stuff myself with more good food when I'm away), rushing all my planning work for the upcoming conference, saving my complexion with facial masks after leaving it to suffer for the past year of late night mug-athons, and helping my sister annotate her literature book (since she can barely identify themes and infer from the texts on her own.)

It's all about finding the right balance! 

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