Freedom is calling!


I'm literally slogging my ass off every single day. Because. PROS. What an awful burden to mug, do practices, memorise, forget (I'm getting senile), wake, rinse and repeat for the past month or so. 6 more days to freedom!

Finally had my Starbucks fix last week but I didn't quite like the Summer Berry Panna Cotta. At least I managed to get some work done in a conducive environment. :)

The stress must have gotten to me real bad. I can't believe my immune system had just decided to go on strike, and left me puking my stomach contents out on Saturday night. That set my revision back by one whole subject! Imagine the horror! It was totally not fun experiencing what I'm learning in real life. I don't have to feel the increase in salivary flow when vomiting is imminent. I can memorise it perfectly on my own from my notes, thank you very much. Likewise, I really don't enjoy feeling the reflux of my stomach's acidic contents. Good to know that my lower esophageal sphincter is super strong, so it's tough for me to puke. It was like a tug-of-war, with the stomach contents struggling to exit and my muscular tone trying to lock it in. URGH. The churning was a nightmare. 

I was so touched when my siblings decided to stay by my bedside to take care of me though their mid-year exams are approaching. :') They were rushing around to get me tissue packs, pillows, towels, and warm water. That was the first time ever that I realized that they had matured and understood about empathy and caring for others in times of need. What lovely free child labourers. Haha, I kid. I suppose they deserve a brunch treat for their kindness and showcase of sibling love. <3 

Freedom is calling! The end of pros is near! Soon, it will be my turn to post Post-Exams pics on Instagram! 

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