Hey there Summer


Last week would be very aptly summarised by two actions. MUGGING & PIGGING OUT.

There's every reason to bury myself in heaps of notes and no reason to slack off, for M1 Pros shouldn't be taken lightly. It was 5463829x more hardcore than A Levels. OHNO. And to think I'll have to survive 4 more years of this. Please let me clear the exams safely. *fingers crossed*

It's funny how people for "Distinction" and "Extinction" Viva get notified at the same time. For the remaining weeks leading up to 25 May, I hope no one calls my phone number. I will be a wreck if I really received a call from the school. 

After the third paper, I didn't exactly have much motivation to study, so when my mom brought me out for shopping, I tried a half-hearted attempt at refusing... and then gave in. AHWELL. I'll just take it as a study break. 

For the first time, my mom went to Starbucks with me and I realised she loves Green Tea Cream, just like me! I had Caramel Frap that day. <3<3<3 CARAMEL. 

Check out the pretty flower for my mom on Mother's Day! 

As we were too lazy to go to some fancy schmancy far-off restaurant for dinner that day (my siblings were busy preparing for their exams too), we decided to make do with Tze Char near my place. At least the dishes were still pretty delicious. :) I didn't manage to snap pics of some dishes because of "impoverished-food-bandits", aka my siblings, who swept the dishes away like a rogue tornado before I could even pick up my phone for a pic. 

Today was THE DAY. 

Though the paper was scheduled to start at 10am, I ended up in school at 7+... and I was the lone soul mugging in our house room. I had the whole place to myself! It was slightly unnerving, since the place was kind of dark outside and the auto lights kept switching themselves off every 5 minutes or so. URGH. On a side note, I'm super proud of my pretty handwritten notes.

During the paper, I was so distracted by the thoughts of my Summer holiday that I had to mentally whack myself to concentrate on answering the questions properly. 

Imagine my exuberance when the Prof said, "You may leave the exam hall".


Our House headed to Marche at VivoCity for lunch. I love their "Open Market" concept.

There was a random dude cleaning the shelf then.

My Rosti topped with pork sausage. It costs around $14. 

We managed to catch Avengers: The Age of Ultron. YAYzers to superhero movies! 

Scarlet Witch's telekinesis and mind-control powers are pretty damn awesome. I loved the little humorous quips that were injected at random points of the movie. 

Group photo outside VivoCity!


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