Lee's Taiwanese


Shih Lin is way overrated in Singapore, and ever since food inflation pushed the prices of my favourite Mee Sua up, I've barely patronised them. 

While at JEM, my family happened to walk by Lee's Taiwanese. Since my brother was already salivating at the thought of having fried chicken chop, we decided to have our dinner there and then.

The menu of Lee's Taiwanese was inspired by the street food from the famous Keelung Temple Street night market. Iconic street fare such as braised beef noodles, Taiwanese sausages, fried chicken chop and cold desserts like taro crushed ice and mango crushed ice all appear in their menu.

My first impression of the place? RED. It was filled with bright crimson lanterns, evident in the pictures above. It seemed slightly overkill to me, like they were trying a little too hard with the Chinese influence, and the red hues affected the photo quality. Well, considering that red is a colour that would pique your appetites (from a research study I did in secondary school), I suppose that's a legit reason behind the design.

All of us ordered set meals, so each came with an appetiser, a drink, and a main. (Set B's meals came with an extra dessert.)

Aside from that, we ordered two extra dishes, the salted pepper chicken and fried crispy chicken.

Snow Beancurd - A refreshing appetiser with a slight hint of sesame oil. 

Salt and Pepper Chicken - It had a super crispy outer layer and tender meat that pulls off easily in neat stripes. I loved how the umami flavour is infused into the chicken. It definitely beats the chicken from any other stalls outside like Rockery or Shih Lin.

Honey chicken wing

Fried Chicken Chop - While the portion was big, and it was well-fried, I would have preferred it to be slightly spicier (and cut into smaller pieces). It was hard trying to pick up the huge chicken pieces with chopsticks (perhaps my chopstick skills aren't up-to-standard) and there was no other way to cut it into smaller pieces on our own. 

Crispy Beancurd Rolls - Personally, I thought it would have tasted better if it was slightly saltier.

Cuttlefish ball soup

Beancurd Rolls with Mushroom - It was slightly sweet for my liking but quite a nice appetiser overall.

Golden Tofu with Taiwanese Kimchi - The tofu was crispy and the sauce was more sweet than spicy. It was pretty average since I was expecting more of the kimchi flavour but I didn't exactly taste it.

Pig intestines and Meatball Mee Sua - I thought that the pig intestines would have given it a strange taste but it was chewy and surprisingly decent. Thank goodness for their vinegar and special crispy chilli. It improved the taste of the mee sua by a huge chunk. It would have been better with more soup. 

Pork Chop Noodles - The portion is pretty filling, and the pork chop tasted awesome. It might end up being slightly soggy after soaking in the gravy poured over it for some time.

Service was prompt and the ambience was actually quite comfortable. For a price of around $20 per person, inclusive of service charge and GST, it would leave you feeling full and satisfied. It must be one of the more authentic Taiwanese restaurants around. That explains the queues outside the restaurant. :)

Jurong East Mall
Singapore 608549
Operating Hours:
Monday - Thursday 11.30AM - 21:45PM  
Friday 11:30AM - 22:00PM
Saturday 11:00AM - 22:00PM
Sunday 11.00AM - 10:00PM
Eve of Public Holidays 11:30M - 10:00PM
Public Holidays 11:00 - 21:45PM

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